About Criss...

I started blogging because I had to create my own Xanga blog to leave a comment on my sister's. After writing random piddly stuff on Xanga, I created this Blogger account for my "serious," soon-to-be-famous-author blogging needs. Instead, it turned into this.

In college, thanks to a smooth-talking emotionally-abusive boyfriend, I considered myself almost an anti-feminist, because I thought burning bras was silly. Several bad and not-so-great relationships later, I now see the error of my ways: I still think burning bras is silly (do you know how expensive those dumb things are?? If you're going to burn something, may I please suggest pantyhose?), but I now proudly voice my belief that, alas, women are people, too.

And because I like when things come full-circle, after I so proudly donned the title of FEMINIST I'm now questioning it, as I slowly learn about the ugly side of feminist movement, namely it's treatment of trans women. But more on that later.

What else is there to know about me? Lots, but most of it doesn't fit on this page.

I had an abortion, in November 1999. I remember the date exactly because I found out after giving blood at a Halloween blood drive, and when my boyfriend-at-the-time and I went to buy the pregnancy test, he was wearing the free t-shirt I got for donating. I walked behind him and the image of the scary Halloween eyes on the back of that shirt is forever burned in my brain. I don't regret my choice, but I'm really sick of people telling me I should, or that what I did was "bad" or "wrong," and I'm also sick of my side of the story never being portrayed in books and movies. So I blog about that.

I write books. I'm really good at writing them, but rather lazy about editing them. I'm working on that, though.

I have four cats, not one of which I've named: Indiana Jones (named by College Boyfriend), Princess Vespa (named by Ex-Husband), Happy Girl (named by my ex-step-daughter), and Augustus McCrae (named by Freddy, Current and Last Husband).

I am a Grammar and Spelling Snob. Beware. (The only problem is I'm also a rather poor typist -- I never make a spelling or grammar mistake, but I do make a fair share of typos.)

Anything else you want to know about me is probably in the blog archives. Dig in.