Monday, August 06, 2007

Soul searching... job shopping...

I have two weeks left in summer school (as a student, not a teacher). So far, I'm only about $600 out for the summer session, and next semester, since I'm still at the community college, won't be too bad either... It won't start to hurt in earnest until I hit UTA in the spring.

Although I know I can't go back to teaching, I'm too sick of it, and I've done a splendid job of convincing the people around me that going back to school is the best - nay, the only option for me right now, I still have that nagging little voice firmly planted in the back of my head... nagging.

Am I sure? What am I going to do with a degree in journalism? Where am I going to work? There are no magazines in DFW - am I going to move to New York? Um, highly unlikely. How can I possibly pretend I'd work for a newspaper, when I refuse to read them? I have this wonderful plan of having a successful freelancing career, but that's about as solid a plan as taking a Greyhound to New York so I can make it on Broadway.

They say, "write what you know." What do I know? I know education. Not that well - most of what I spout comes from my professional organization, but I guess I could make it my business to know, and find a way to spell it out to the common people. Make parents understand what goes on in Congress, and why schools are being statute'd to death (and inefficiency). I can cover the education beat.

Sometimes this thought cheers me up a bit, makes me think I might have some direction, some reason for doubling my student loan debt... other times, not so much.

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