Saturday, September 06, 2008

Blogosphere, I need your help on a dire, pressing matter.

Chillin' out at Panera Bread, enjoying an Asiago cheese bagel and free WiFi. About to get started on FINALLY finishing my bloody Master's dissertation.

But first, allow me to procrastinate just a bit:

I own two or three travel mugs, for hot drinks, one that I keep in the car so I have it whenever I stop at Starbucks or Borders and allow myself the indulgence of a Chai Latte, without generating more trash for our sad, abused environment (and, at the same time, promoting Script Frenzy in a hip and trend way).

However, I want an environmentally-friendly way to enjoy cold drinks (sodas and slushies). There's just something odd about filling a travel mug with Cherry Coke. I want to enjoy my Rockin' Red Raspberry slushie from QT without feeling like a louse for drinking it out of a #6 (non-recyclable in my area) plastic cup.

Yeah, QT has huge-o, 44 oz. clear plastic tanks (with a straw), but those are fugly. 7-11 has more reasonably-sized reusable cups (at least they can be reused once or twice), but those are rather fugly as well (so far they've had Hulk designs, and now football). Where can I find something cute and trendy (that fits in my car's cupholder)?

Have cold-drink travel mugs/cups disappeared from the market, or am I just blind? Please help! (Does Etsy have anything that can help my predicament? Because that would be quite rad.)

Okay, done procrastinating. Off to finish my Master's.


  1. I would imagine something like a nalgene bottle would work well. I don't know about how well it'd fit in your cupholder (the Camelbak bottle I got from Whole Earth fits in ours), but if you get one with a wide neck/mouth then you'll be able to clean it easily. The only problem would be bringing it in to clean and then back out to the car for future use, but then you have to do this with your hot-drink mug anyway.

  2. The Camelback one has a straw, doesn't it? Because that might work. I have a smaller Nalgene-esque water bottle that I've used once or twice (for fountain drinks - I use it all the time for water because it's 500 ml, so I can use those nifty Crystal Light drink packets with it), but the mouth is about an inch in diameter so I could easily see myself spilling as I filled it, and since that's the part where my mouth goes I didn't know if people would think I was gross for placing that so close to the spout out of which the drinks pour... (yes, I overthink things sometimes)