Monday, October 06, 2008

"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date - no time, no time!!"

I have a bazillion blog posts I need to write, but absolutely no time to even think about them. Grades are due tomorrow at 8:00 am and I am so far behind I want to cry.

Cliff Notes (not so much to keep you updated; more to remind me of what I want to write):

  • I lost my flash drive, and no, I was not smart enough to save the latest copy of my dissertation on my laptop as backup.
  • finally did the triathlon this weekend. Not so great. And it took up any and all free time this weekend (hence the obscene behindness on grading).
  • the hypocrisy of miscarriages and abortion: "life" begins as soon as the egg is fertilized - but when a woman miscarries, do we offer proper consolation for the "death"? No, we simply treat it as an unfortunate medical condition. If we talk about it at all.
  • NaNoWriMo is coming!!! (And yes, people on the forums are already starting to tick me off.)

Okay, break's over. Back to work.


  1. Yeah, Criss...those hills can kill you. At some point yesterday, I sat down on the asphalt and pouted. Thankfully, I got up and finished, and so did you...without the pouting! So, well done for the both of us.

  2. I really do wish I carried a you with me sometimes.

    Because I really just didn't have the strength to pee on either one of them.

    I wanted to though.

  3. Perhaps your logic suffers.

    Just as all others' lives are not equal in our eyes, neither are the manners of their deaths.

    Clearly, everything about pregnancy is a a medical condition. Which is an indisputable fact, but it is not the only highly relevant fact.

    Because you can (accurately in my opinion) generalize that most people gloss over a miscarriage event with others speaks more to how people respect just how potentially Earth-shattering the event might be, avoiding the matter, than it does how little weight of importance given to the occurrence.

    Logic matters, most especially when we declare hypocrisies.

  4. Anonymous8:59 PM

    Crisatunity: We do not gloss over other deaths. We do not gloss over the death of an (extra-uterine) child, nor the death of a parent, nor even the death of a friend. When those things happen, we take up collections at work to help cover expenses; we give people time off; we bring them food so they don't have to cook in their grief; we ask them to go to counseling - we don't say, "Well, if you weren't so stressed/ if you ate better / if you had done things differently you wouldn't have miscarried."
    We support each other in times of grief. When a woman miscarries, she's expected to go on about her daily life. She didn't lose anything we can "see," so it must not have been "real" - or at least not "real" enough.