Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Meet Violet, and Second Story Press

Apparently, it's Book Week at Criss's blog.

Looknig through my apparently long-forgotten Google Reader subscriptions, I came across this book trailer on Literanista's blog, and I wanted to share it with you because I thought it was cute (and very clever):

The book is published by Second Story Press, which has this to say about itself:
Second Story Press was co-founded in 1988 by Margie Wolfe and three other women dedicated to publishing feminist-inspired books for adults and young readers. We are proud to be marking our 20th year of publishing award-winning books that entertain, educate, and empower.
(The only bad part is they're in Canada, and focus primarily on Canadian authors. Which I totally dig, but leaves me out. *pout* Unless I move there. Which is not necessarily out of the question...)


  1. I agree, what a clever way to advertise a book. My other thought: Why is color so bleeping important? *sigh*


  2. I wish we didn't have to talk about color, but when you're the only Black girl in a classroom full of white kids, color kind of becomes an issue for you...

    What I liked about this book is that it addresses bi-racial children: Violet is purple because she's a mix of her dad's blue and her mom's red; not only does she have to deal with not looking like the other kids in school, but she doesn't look like her parents, either. I thought he approach was cute but meaningful. (Then again, I haven't read the book yet... but it seems good!)

  3. Hello
    I like this book trailer and from this trailer this book seems really very good and interesting.I will sure read this book now.Purple is so cute and innocent character.Thank you very much for sharing this trailer with us.