Friday, November 20, 2009

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Read about the International Transgender Day of Remembrace. Stats and other info here.

Some blogs to read:
genderbitch's I Will Not Forget Them
Chally at Zero at the Bone
meloukhia at this ain't living
kaninchenzero at FWD/Forward

Also, Queen Emily's post from 2008 on how to mourn

If you want to know who is being mourned, here's a list. Please note it is by no means a comprehensive list.

Arwyn says lots of good things here, especially for us cis folk. Read, learn, remember, act.

If you are on Twitter, you need to follow the ladies I linked above, as well as nueva_voz (when I checked her blog she didn't have a TDOR post, but if she posts one I'll update the links).

This article is also a good read (any day of the year).

And now, I'm going to sit my white(-looking) cis a$$ down and let these women mourn in peace.


From Transgender Day of Remembrace 2009: The Exclusion Question Answered


  1. Anonymous1:52 AM

    I wasnt about to watch that video again...

    I just wish folks in general would think for themselves and not be afraid of or prejudiced towards those who are different from them.

    May the spirits of all victims of violence find the peace and happiness on another plane that they were denied on this one.

  2. The beginning of that video made me cry.

    I wish more people would open their mouths and speak up when something is wrong. (I feel the same about racial things. Too many people just turn a blind eye.)

    May all of those victims whose lives were needlessly cut short rest in peace.

  3. Yeah, the beginning of the video made my stomach churn.