Sunday, September 12, 2010

#Preggo Goodie Bags: Someone Get On This

When I went to my OB for my first pre-natal appointment, they gave me a StrongMoms bag with some swag. I love bags, it's an obsession with me, so I was THRILLED.
(It wasn't until I started reading the brochures and stuff that I realized StrongMoms is a Similac thing. So when the cats chose to pee on the bag a few weeks later, I was not too bothered about it.)
The bag contained some useful information, like the brochure from the doctor's office detailing the three trimesters, what medications were considered "safe" during pregnancy, and what I could and could not have done at the dentist. But most of the other stuff? I could have done without. (Seriously, ViaCord, HOW MANY TIMES are you going to "remind" me of my "SPECIAL OFFER!!!1!!" to bank my baby's cord blood with you??)
You know what would have ACTUALLY been helpful?
  • A portable fan. Battery powered. Two, actually: one to keep on a desk (or other surface), another to wear around my neck.
  • An overnight maternity catheter. Or a nine-month supply of overnight Depends.
  • A bib. Large enough to cover the overgrown boobs and overgrown belly.
  • Coupons for unlimited quantities of healthy, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. Redeemable at any store, nationwide, throughout pregnancy and the child's first year of life. (Once the kid's a year old, he/she is old enough to ask you to SHARE the chocolate, so the magic's gone by then.)
  • Optional: sign reading "Yes, I'm pregnant. Due in _____. My doctor says I'm just the right size, thank you."
What am I missing, ladies? What else would a USEFUL #preggo goodie bag contain?


Due to reader input, it has been decreed that the coupons for unlimited quantities of healthy, antioxidant-rich dark chocolate do not carry and expiration date. Once you get pregnant, you get free chocolate for life, for yourself and your child.

(Are you listening, Nestle? If you wanna win back the mom demographic, you'd better quit your unethical practices and get on this chocolate coupon thing.)


  1. Oh, Cristina... Sharing chocolaty goodness with your toddler does not take the magic away, it just makes it a bit more messy... but also a bit more fun. ; )

  2. I think (at least as a grandma) I agree with Marcy! No age limit. Parenting demands some quick picker-uppers, and cultivating a taste for good dark chocolate in the progeny can hopefully head off at the pass or significantly circumvent a weakness for twizzlers, skittles, and the like. Such is my hope