Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"American Family Values" At Work: Working Breastfeeding Moms Don't Need Breast Pumps

There are not enough cuss words in the English language for me to express my opinion on this. Go read the article, Jodi does a much better job of discussing this rationally than I could:
IRS Fears Women May "Abuse" Tax Credits for Breastfeeding Supplies |

Freddy and I were planning on using his flex spending health care account thingie money to buy a breast pump, especially since he needs to spend the money by the end of the year and doesn't have anything else to spend it on. But I guess that's just trying to ABUSE THE SYSTEM!!!

Maybe I should just quit my job so I can feed my child as God and nature intended -- with breastmilk, not some chemical substitute. Of course, that would mean Freddy and I would have to go on some sort of government assistance program. That's a much better option, right, IRS?


Until it comes out of the womb (i.e., becoming an ACTUAL life). Then, we'll screw you any way we possibly can...


  1. You can stock up on pimple cream, apparently that's ok to use the flex spending account money on...

    (not that either of you have acne... just, you know, reveling in the ridiculousness of it all...)

  2. Probably because of a problem on my end, this link doesn't work. I tried Googling it too. SO my comment likely will suffer for this.

    This rule is so offensive and disgusting. I wonder how you could talk to or write to try to change this. I want to know why breast pumps aren't covered. Perhaps the answer is in that article.

    I'm wondering that maybe they don't want to include non-pathological problems: natural essentials not treatments. This seems unlikely to me due to so many other natural experiences of women like menstruation, childbirth and menopause often being regarded as medical problems. You know, because our flawed bodies are already such a drain on the system.

    Or maybe women should just know their place, that they should be at home breast feeding their babies, not putting the milk in bottles. You'd think they'd be happy knowing at least sometimes you aren't offending people by breast feeding in public (sarcasm).

  3. I mean, it's obviously even more offensive that trying to use a tax credit for a breast pump is an "abuse" of the system. How dare you expect the government to pay for that!

  4. Anonymous9:21 AM

    The Freudian slip in your headline is hilarious. And so true!

  5. I suspect that Kendra and/or that Kardashian sister has something to do with this....writing off their Louis Vuitton breast pumps and such...

  6. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Freddy, Have you bought that beast a pump yet?