Saturday, December 13, 2008

I change

I decided to transfer all my Google products from one account to another.

I was doing everything under my original Google email address, even though I didn't use it much anymore. But I had all my other email addresses forwarded to that first inbox, and every time I signed in to Google I used that account, even though I didn't use that particular email address. So I decided to change it all. I think I might be almost at the "completed" stage of the process.

I still need to work on Google Reader. I figured I could share my old account with the new account, and that would let me see everything the old account had subscribed to, but no. That would have been too simple. So I'm doing it the slow way - logging in to the old account, writing all those blogs down, then typing them into the new account. Then I have to set up the shared items thing over again, but hopefully I'll manage.

I started every one of these paragraphs with the word "I," which is terribly bad form, but I'm too lazy to fix it. I hope you can deal with it.

Ode to the AlphaSmart is still coming, fear not. As is some more rambling on my job woes... I think. And another blog post that was on the tip of my fingers as I typed the last sentence, but by the time I got to the end of it and was ready to write it, it disappeared. Huh.


  1. Open your old google reader, then when you click to see the feed for each blog click on the blog title (not post title, but for the blog itself). If you're in firefox it'll open each in a new tab, then you can log out and copy/paste each url into the new reader.

  2. I had one account open in IE, the other in Firefox (to have both logged in at the same time), and copied and pasted that way. It was relatively painless, all in all.

    BTW, you need to share your Reader with my new account!