Thursday, April 02, 2009

Condoms on Campus

This blog post: In trouble for distributing Condoms? | Amplify got me thinking... what if I put condoms in the bathrooms on my campus*?

It probably would not be hard to find the culprit. I may be able to recruit some of the other faculty to help me with this social experiment, but that just means there would be more of us sitting in the principal's hot seat. What exactly would happen?

Would the administration acknowledge reality and look the other way? Or would they be too worried about their own arses, and throw mine to the wolves?

Would the students take them? And use them for their intended purpose, or would we suddenly see a slew of "water-balloon" fights breaking out in the halls?

Would the students heed the Pope's dim-witted words and just leave the sinful condoms there? (Mind you, they leave the sinful condoms... but carry on enthusiastically with the sinful sex and baby-making!)

What do you think, blogosphere? Should I do it?

*For those of you who don't know, a public high school in Texas with a high teen-pregnancy rate. Yes, I said public school. Yes, I said high school. Yes, I said Texas. No, I did not say death wish -- why do you ask?


  1. There's part of me that thinks, "What have you got to lose?" You already hate your job and won't be at this school past the end of this semester, right? ; )

  2. I wanted to pop in with a quick hello. I have nothing to add, but wanted you to know I'm reading everything you are writing.

    You think they'll dust them for fingerprints to find the culprit? Or is that too Hollywood.

  3. Marcy: Yeah, I thought that... but I also don't want it to seem like I'm picking fights.

    Lindsey: Haha! I think my big mouth would be enough evidence. :P (And that's for reading!)

  4. I'd say do it, but only if you could find condoms with a photo of the pope for a label :)

  5. Aren't those AWESOME!!! I should totally get some of those. Even though, if I got some, I'd have a hard time giving them away.

  6. Yeah, I wouldn't be able to part with them either. I wish someone did make those!