Saturday, September 12, 2009

Asking for marriage

Excellent video (stolen from The Bike Groggery's blog)


  1. hey chris, just thought i'd take the liberty of posting the reply to your last comment on the bound4life blog, the proof that planned parenthood does perform abortion services:

    Amy says:

    I think either you are being disingenuous or, because of your past abortion experience(s), you are completely in denial/deluded. Here are “facts” from the Planned Parenthood Federation’s 2008 annual report. You’ll note that the percentages they give for “services” provided by their affiliates misrepresent bundled services provided in the course of a surgical abortion as services provided at separate visits, which is what they got in trouble for in WA state. You are trying to come across as an authority, but you apparently don’t know, or refuse to admit, the truth.
    Here is the direct quote from the Planned Parenthood Federation’s 2008 annual report: “In the past year, our affiliate health centers provided a wide variety of trusted, high-quality sexual and reproductive health care services. As always, the focus was on prevention. Services included contraception (36 percent of our total services), testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (31 percent), cancer screening and prevention (17 percent), and abortion services (three percent).”
    Criss – all of those services are provided in the course of a surgical abortion consult, procedure, and postop check – so all should be bundled with the abortion procedure. PP unbundles and overbills, so they get in trouble; they also try to create the illusion that abortion accounts for far less of their business than it actually does. They are the largest abortion provider in America, and proud of it.
    The 2008 report continues:
    “And in the near future, we will play a unique role in helping to shape the health agenda for the new administration.”
    Your contention that Planned Parenthood Federation does not provide abortions is simply incorrect and, I believe, intentionally deceptive.
    Prove me wrong. Here’s a link to the annual report for you:

  2. Thanks, BP, for letting me know. Now I need to find the link to get back to that blog. *sigh*