Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Want some commentary on women's health care?

Plywood sign on the side of the highway. Yes, that is stenciled in spray paint. Need I say more?


  1. Brilliant advertising. So a woman is going to drive by and say, "hey, I need a sonogram, why not call?" I guess since they didn't spend $ on it it's not a total loss.

    Sometimes, when I realize the antis think we're stupid, I can't decide to get mad or just laugh at them.

  2. Honestly, what the hell?

    That is so unbelievably sad that some people are poor enough there is a market for this. It's so sad that our government allows any pregnant woman to be in a position where she thinks she has to go to an ultrasound "technician" with a pathetic hand-made sign. (Why didn't they just use magic markers?)

    I believe all pregnant women are eligible for Medicaid but of course, this doesn't include "the illegals" so I'm guessing this is who this service is being advertised to. Which means these children, who will be born in US and will be US citizens, will receive shitty prenatal care, giving them an unfair disadvantage before they're even born.

    Have I got this right? Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm coming from WI where we have the 2nd highest rate of insureds and very few illegal immigrants. Our immigrant population is primarily Hmong who of course came legally as refugees.

  3. Danine: I believe you're right, women are eligible for Medicaid during pregnancy and for the first year of the child's life, but how many (low-income, disadvantaged) women know that? Or know where to go?

    Alisa: Now I feel stupid. I hadn't even though about this being an ad for an anti-choice CPC... I was just thinking how sad it was that women are so desperate for health care that anyone would think putting up such a sleazy sign would attract customers... but you're right, this would be the perfect way for CPCs to find those distraught, desperate women who don't have the financial resources (or cultural capital) to look for help elsewhere, and who will be easily manipulated by the CPC's wretched tactics.

    Now I'm even madder. When I drive by the sign tomorrow morning, I'm taking it.

  4. Anonymous3:55 PM

    I agree that this is a pathetic way of treating women and especially pregnant women...

    Miss cox...

    Please feel free to burn that sign or better yet...Blog it on too... :)