Monday, July 05, 2010

How is your pregnancy going?

It's going really well. Most of the time.

(Like, the other day, when I was driving home from work and stopped at the green light because my #preggo brain thought it was a four-way stop . Because on my way TO work the first intersection after I exit the freeway has a four-way stop sign, so of course the first intersection after I exit the freeway on my way home FROM work would be the same, right? Clearly.)

I have resigned myself to the fact that I need to write everything down, because if I don't, it didn't happen. Kind of like the dude in Memento (but I use Post-Its instead of tattoos. Can't find a decent tattoo artist at work).

I have had an extremely easy pregnancy (so far). My 24-hour sickness in the first trimester was mild; I was very picky about what I wanted to eat, but I could eat, and as long as I was munching on something throughout the day I was fine.

Freddy works at a health-food grocery store, so I have access to all sorts of healthy, organic goodies daily. He texts me before he leaves work asking me what I want to eat. And he does all the cooking (and all the cleaning, and all the laundry, and all the cat-duties...) because he is, pretty much, the Bestest Hubby And Dad-To-Be In The World.

(Seriously: I come home from work, sit on the couch, get waited on hand-and-foot, and after I pass out around 9:30 he gently wakes me up and takes me to bed. Once I get home from work, I do NOTHING.)

Troy Emmitt has been kicking healthily, but he likes to give me a few good kicks, so I make Freddy stop what he's doing to come over and feel them, and then Troy Emmitt stops. But Freddy has gotten to feel a few of them... and you should see how his face lights up when he feels those little kicks.

I also have an extremely accommodating job where I sit most of the day, so I don't have to worry about overdoing it physically or straining myself. I cannot imagine how miserable I'd be (and how stressed and unhealthy Troy Emmitt and I would be) if I were still in the classroom, teaching full-time, dealing with parents and administrators and grades and all that blah-blah...

Tomorrow we have our 24-week appointment, where I get to drink the glucose stuff to test for gestational diabetes. I'm either going to ace the test or fail it miserably... but I've been really good about getting my sugar from natural sources, so I should do well. My body's so used to processing massive amounts of sugar, I'm probably going to metabolize (or whatever you do with it) all that glucose in half the alloted time. (How does that glucose mixture compare to a bag of cotton candy, washed down with regular Coke? Anybody have stats on that?)

Last week Freddy and I started our Bradley childbirth classes, so I've been doing my exercises and counting my protein intake. I thought I was doing really well nutrition-wise, eating 65-75 grams of protein a day. Well, according to Dr. Bradley, I should be getting 80-100 grams of protein a day. EIGHTY to ONE HUNDRED grams of protein A DAY.

They give you this little chart to fill out, and though it looks a little intimidating at first, I've actually done well so far. I just have to make sure I eat, the right things, pretty much all day long.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to eat some hard-boiled eggs and get back to reading NATURAL CHILDBIRTH THE BRADLEY WAY.

Ask, and Criss shall answer.


  1. Are you planning to do a home birth with a Naturopath? I've heard it's supposed to be a good experience from a few of my friends who have done it. And plus, my Anatomy instructor and his wife (who I have had the pleasure of meeting) are both NDs, both went to Bastyr and she did a home birth.

  2. Unless my OB throws us some serious red flags, I'm giving birth in a hospital with an OB... and a doula. I would have liked a birthing center, but the options here in DFW are not plentiful and I'm not sure what insurance covers if we're in a birthing center with a midwife. Home birth is a little too hippie for Freddy, and it doesn't appeal to me that much either (at least for first baby, I'd like to be with professionals and close to or at a medical facility, just in case...)

    Freddy's dad was a doctor, so he's seen good doctors and the good they do, therefore is less wary of them than I, but as we read and research he is realizing that there are unnecessary interventions that take place all too often. We both trust and feel comfortable with my OB, and I've heard good things about the hospital where we'll be; having a doula will make me feel better about trying a natural birth in a hospital (I trust my OB, it's all the other people who'll be there who worry me... and there's always the chance that my OB won't even be the one attending my birth).

  3. Please tell me that "Troy Emmitt" is a code name. Please.

  4. woah! I found you!!
    ... I am really happy for you! yay baby!! :)