Monday, July 11, 2011

A Kid's Reaction to a Gay Couple

As you can see, this poor child is permanently damaged. For life. He walks out of the room and falls straight into Hell.

"I'm going to play ping-pong now. You play if you want to."

See how horrified he is of seeing two men who love each other???


  1. What a sweet little boy! Adorable. He gave the husbands a great laugh together and probably made their day.

    Now show the little guy a picture of an aborted fetus and film his reaction.

  2. My guess is he'd be just as grossed out if you showed him a picture of removed tonsils. Or a burst appendix. Or the tumor they removed from my brother's brain. So... are those morally objectionable too?

  3. Have I mentioned to you how on of Donovan's friends has 2 moms? They're the neighbors of his friend Arjun's, and they have a boy who's 4, I think (and totally reminds me of the kid from Jerry Maguire). And he has 2 moms. They're super awesome women, and Donovan doesn't even really notice or care that they're both mommies and there's no daddy.