Friday, May 29, 2009

Behold, my baby!

Isn't she pretty?

Happy thinks she's a fascinating read. She gave her two paws up.

After all this hard work, she deserves some time to chillax, don't you think?

Here she is catching up in her Charmed DVDs...

... smelling the roses...

... enjoying the beautiful Texas spring weather...

Her three sisters were shipped off to Salamanca today. I paid $93 to get them there by Monday; according to the guidelines in my little booklet the committee has one month to read the dissertation and grade it, which means I should have a response by July. (They only read dissertations from October to June. Yes, I like to leave myself LOTS OF WIGGLE ROOM.)

And speaking of wiggle room... my little booklet also says that the deadline to turn in a dissertation is two years from when the student finishes the second phase of the program... which, for me, was July 2006.

I don't know how serious they are about that deadline. If they are very serious, then you shall see me doing a whole lot of this. Just a lot louder and for a WHOLE LOT LONGER.


  1. Congrats! I hoooope that the deadline doesn't affect you. After all that hard work! *faint*

    How many words did it end up? I guess I'll have to do that one day. Definitely want at least a MA in English in my life.

  2. Your baby? But... it's just a pile of paper.


    When I was at the post office, the lady asked me what the value of the contents of the package was. I said, "Priceless!!!" but she said she needed a number... I estimated the value of the piles of paper to be $10.

    And then I cried.

  4. YAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! Love the pictures. Figures that she likes M&Ms.

  5. (Actually, someone had already eaten all the Twizzlers during revisions, so all we had left in the house were M&Ms... :P )