Thursday, May 14, 2009

To Buy or Not To Buy: the Sequel (or, How I REALLY Feel About My Dissertation)

Marcy (via comments) and Jeff (via Facebook) brought up a good question: do I want to make this paper perfect, or do I want to BE DONE with this bleeping paper?

At this point, I think it's pretty darned good (as soon as I fix the little things I noted to myself in the last draft). Buying the other book might add some spice and insight to my paper, if the book focuses on Jorge Gonzalez's (singer/songwriter's) life in the 80s and his political views then and now (quotes from the horse's mouth never hurt), but I have a strong suspicion, based on the drama that has gone on since the band broke up, that the book might focus more on how Gonzalez feels about Claudio Narea, the guy whose book I just finished, guitarist for the band (Gonzalez had a fling with Narea's wife; Narea left the band because of that and creative differences with Gonzalez, who is a very opinionated, passionate, pig-headed person, as creative geniuses tend to be). Also, Gonzalez has been in and out of drug rehab, so the book probably focuses on that journey, so on and so forth.

If I could buy the book anywhere near here, then I'd get it. But given the cost, I don't think my paper will be lacking without that info (I do have quotes from interviews and another book that's basically one long interview with the three members of the band). So, final answer: to not buy.

I'd still like to read the book, because I'm curious about these guys' lives and all, but I need to get this paper finished and sent off so I can have my bleeping degree already.

Today is the day to finally put this dissertation out of my its misery. If it's not DONE after today, then I'll shave my head and find some bridge to live under. Or jump off of.

(See how distressed I am about this? I've ended two sentences with a preposition.)


  1. You're almost done! Woo hoo!!! You can do it!!

    Is that enough rah-rahing :)

  2. I think that is a good decision. Sometimes you just have to be happy with an ending and decide NOT to add any more story! I think you just learned a very important lesson as a writer, when to say enough is enough. Woo!