Tuesday, June 30, 2009

#1: "I haz a nu WOOD FLOORS!!!1!!1!"

You may remember, loyal readers, a broken water pipe earlier in the year. This slab leak soaked part of the carpet outside the guest bathroom, a little in the hallway and a little in the second bedroom/office/junkroom. It also required two ugly holes to be drilled in the floor, one in each bathroom, in order to repair the pipe.

After some finagling, it was arranged that instead of merely replacing the old, yucky carpet with new, soon-to-get-yucky carpet, we would replace the old, yucky carpet with laminate wood.

Which is much, MUCH prettier than carpet.

The second bedroom/office/junkroom has new, pretty fake wood, as does the hallway, and the entire living room/dinning area. The bedroom is still old, yucky carpet, but I can live with that.

We also got new floors in the bathrooms, but I'll show you those tomorrow.

In order to cover the cost of the upgrade from carpet to fake wood, we had to cut some corners, including packing and moving everything from the house ourselves (instead of letting the nice men do it for us). Of course, because Freddy and I are brilliant, we put this off until June... so we were hauling furniture and boxes out into the U-Haul in our driveway in the beautiful Texas summer heat. But we survived.

We both dreaded the packing (which is why we put it off so long), because we own so much CRAP. The second bedroom, which was supposed to be an office, had become a black hole for all hte CRAP we couldn't figure out where else to stash. It was at the point where you couldn't walk in here anymore, unless you had a map of the strategic square-inch areas where you could place your foot from the doorway to the printer. After many trips to Goodwill and Half-Price Books, the place actually looks like an office/guestroom (or it will, as soon as I get my happy little self to Ikea and buy a bookshelf for the boxes of books currently stacked on the futon...)

I should show you more photos, but I'm too lazy to take them. So here's Gus, enjoying the new living room floor.

You should see him play with his mousies now, on the new (slick) floors. He hasn't slid into a wall yet, but he has had some close calls.


  1. Ohhhhh. Pretty and shiny. I like it!

  2. That looks great, I bet you're happy! :)

  3. Yaaaaay! It looks so puuurty! I'm jealous. I'm dealing with our carpet now, but at some point I'm gonna want non-carpeted floors again. Carpet is just so gross.

  4. Yes, I loves my new floors. Don't tell the insurance company, but that pipe breaking was actually quite a blessing!