Thursday, July 02, 2009

#2: "I haz a nu BATHROOMS!!!1!!1!!"

The bathrooms needed new floors as well, since the workers had to jackhammer through the old floors to fix the leak. I had no objection, since the old floors were stick-on tile, which is quite gauche.

The old bathrooms also had butt-fugly wallpaper, which was also damaged from the water leakage. Alas, it had to go.

As did the vanity. I was not overly fond of it, either.

So now the guest bathroom has non-stick-on floors (still not real tile, but much nicer than the old stuff), a pretty, new vanity, and pretty, pretty purple walls. (I still need to paint the medicine cabinet, which is why the door is off and randomly sitting on the floor, but ignore that for now.)

The "master" bathroom has the same floors (both bathrooms are connected), but a lighter shade of purple on the walls.

And isn't that the most loveliest shower curtain you have ever seen?

Yes, it is.


  1. Very nice! Now you'll have to renovate the rest of the place to match the bathroom.

  2. Freddy is a good man. ; )