Friday, July 10, 2009

#4: "I haz had a nu kitteh!!!1!!1!"

For almost a week, we had a nu kitteh. Her name was Cha-Cha DiGregorio.

She showed up around midnight on a Tuesday. There was meowing outside our front door, and while it didn't sound like any of my babies, I figured I have so many I might be forgetting what they sound like.

And there she was. All tiny and cute.

I tried to pick her up, and discovered she had mommy boobies, which was cause for alarm. We looked for her babies, but she was not interested in finding them, so we didn't get very far. We fed her, because she was really skinny and if she really was a mommy kitty, then she really needed some nutrition.

We tried taking her to the cat hospital around the corner, but they were full. We put up signs and called other shelters, but pretty much everyone was full.

Slowly we introduced her to the rest of the family. Because even though she was a teen mother, she deserved a home.

Indy could not have cared less. I think when we brought Gus that was it for him. We've done our worst, we can't hurt him any more.

Princess and Happy didn't care much for her. But they've always been pretty standoffish. (We never should have let them watch Mean Girls. I think it gave them ideas.)

Gus was not sure about this whole thing, but two days later he had a new wrestling buddy, which worked out great for Princess and Happy because he was no longer attacking them.

Freddy was not too keen on the idea of taking in YET ANOTHER cat, but he finally gave in. And we made an appointment to get Cha-Cha fixed and make sure she had all her shots. We had even bought her a collar.

The morning before she was supposed to go to the vet, she decided to disappear. And we haven't seen her since.

So, I had a nu kitteh. Now she's gone. (And Gus is back to tormenting the girls.)

Hopefully her other owners found her and took her back. Which is what I like to tell myself.

Gus is taking it in stride, but I know he misses his new girlfriend. After all, she was the best dancer at Saint Bernadette's. Wouldn't you miss her, if you were him?

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  1. Apparently Cha-Cha sensed that she was getting taken to the vet and bolted.

    BTW, while reading this post I kept having "But then there came another scratch at the door... could it be more cats? How many more?" run through my head. =P Donovan loves that book, btw!