Monday, August 31, 2009

Just wanted to share this with you...

... my insurance coverage expires tonight. So I made sure to refill my prescriptions yesterday (not just because I would not be allowed after today; I was actually out).

I got my first paycheck from New Job on Friday, so I could afford to buy my meds. (Insurance from New Job won't start until November 1st, even though I started working there August 3rd.)

I paid 10% of my (monthly) paycheck for my (monthly) meds. I found that interesting, so I thought I'd share those numbers with you.

(Also, new insurance covers "the pill" and Norplant. Not Nuvaring, which is what I use. So, either I pay $70 a month for my birth control, or I go back to the less-reliable, more-prone-to-human-error daily pill. Can you tell how thrilled I am about all this?)


  1. Lauren10:44 PM

    Interesting that your insurance only covers Norplant...from what I understand, people are using Implanon now - one rod in your arm that you can't see or feel. I'm very bad with the all-hormones-all-the-time, but I can see how one might want it instead of taking the pill. It sucks that your new insurance doesn't cover what you really need.

  2. Seems so silly to have that 3 month gap. =(

  3. $70 a month for birth control? Yikes. I paid about $40 for Nuvaring with my insurance and a little more for Yaz.

  4. Lauren, I was surprised to see Norplant, too. It seemed so outdated, and if you're going to go for long-term BC, what about IUDs?

    GeerGirl, with my last job, Nuvaring came out to $23/month. With the job before that, it was $40/month. But since this new job won't cover it, it'll be full-price, which is around $70/month. Ugh.