Friday, August 28, 2009

Trust women!

Dr. LeRoy Carhart should be your hero. And you should let him know.

Today and tomorrow, big stuff is happening in Nebraska. Quick background and run-down, courtesy of Rachel Maddow (who, apparently, is another one of my heroes...):

(PS: Rabid anti-choicers: assasination is not a "peacefully and legally" way of doing anything. FYI.)

Okay. I had a rant written, but I've ranted on this so many times before, it just gets old. So I deleted it.

Tonight and tomorrow, please pray for Dr. Carhart and his staff. Please pray for the women who will go to his clinic tomorrow, seeking his legal medical services, and will have to face these terrorists. (That's what they are: they are using terror, threats of violence and violence itself, to intimidate and oppress the doctors, nurses and patients.)

Also, though it almost hurts to write this, pray for those terrorists.

(And I'm going to end it there, because I'm about to start ranting again.)

Trust women. Stand up against anti-choice extremism.

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