Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Quick thoughts: On Being a Parent, On Being #Prochoice

The more I learn (first-hand, in this intensive long-term crash course) about parenting and what it really means to be responsible for another tiny, needy human being twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for as long as you both shall live it takes, the more I'm convinced that anti-choicers have no clue whatsoever what "A BABY" actually means.

Either that, or they're angry, bitter people who really, really hate women.*

*(Yes, women can be misogynists too.)


  1. Anonymous10:32 PM

    You are an idiot.

  2. and Anonymous is a coward

  3. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Sure. Because you say so, right?

  4. Great post and I have to completely agree. I'm a mom, my son's birth was a horrible experience for me and afterwards I suffered through post partum depression to the point where I wanted to kill myself. No joke; it was going to be my son or me. A year and a half later I found myself pregnant again despite great birth control and was too scared of the PPD to go through with labour and delivery again, not to mention how poor we were at that time. I had an abortion against my husband's wishes, it almost ruined our marriage, but we got through it and are stronger than ever now thanks to adversity. I'm not sorry and I have no regrets.

  5. Anonymous4:56 PM

    Have you ever heard of permanent sterilization Jenincanada? No pregnancy, and you don't have to kill a human being to acheive that state.

  6. JeninCanada: thanks for sharing your story. There are SO MANY different situations where a woman may need to terminate a pregnancy, and no one has a right to tell any woman how she should deal with her situation or what she should do or should have done about it.

    Anynomous: is there a reason you choose to post anonymously? Other than cowardice, I mean.

    I'm glad you've "heard" of permanent sterilization. Good for you. Have a cookie. Now, perhaps you could do some research on it, and educate yourself. It's not a foolproof method either! It's not a duct-tape fix-everything answer! Doesn't work for everyone. Won't work the same for every woman. There are so many variables you are too ignorant to take into consideration.

  7. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Keep rationalizing abortion Criss. . .

    Another Anonomous (not a coward just a smart cookie).

  8. Anonymous10:38 PM

    And what difference does my name make? You are such a dolt. Less than 1% failure rate, genius. Safer than repeated abortions, and a lot more fail safe than any other form of contraception, except for abstinence (because of course you can't expect someone who doesn't want to get pregnant to abstain from sex). Obviously the method of birth control employed by jenincanada was not 'great' or she wouldn't have found herself pregnant. And if pregnancy is such a horrific event for her, why wouldn't she opt for sterilization - unless of course she considers abortion an effective alternative birth control. But who cares? You're just killing a human being.

  9. Anonymous10:40 PM

    ps. Why don't you go ahead and illuminate my darkened intellect with all of the "variables"?

    Do tell Criss - what variables?

  10. "And what difference does my name make? You are such a dolt."

    Coming into the conversation with a name shows a bare minimum of decency and respect for the person with whom you're conversing. But, well, that's how you feel about that.

    "Less than 1% failure rate, genius."

    Nice research. You are aware that pretty much all methods of birth control have a less than 1-2% failure rate? And most of them do NOT involve major surgery? The method of birth control Jenincanada was using when she got pregnant also had a "less than 1% failure rate, genius." Guess what? IT FAILED. It happens, with birth control and with "permanent" sterilization.

    "...except for abstinence"

    Actually, abstinence has a pretty poor failure rate, when you look at typical use (case in point, the lovely Bristol Palin). And even abstinence is not 100% effective, as your lot like to claim. A friend of mine was 100% abstinent when her uncle raped her. Guess what? She got pregnant.

    As to the variables... I'm not a medical professional, so I would not presume to know all the different situations that would A) prevent a woman from undergoing the surgery necessary for that procedure, B) cause her to avoid that option because of the side effects, or C) make her doctor refuse to give her that option (I have friends who know they do not want children and have asked their doctors for information on sterilization, and the doctor has refused to give them the information or refer them to a specialist because "you're too young, I'm sure you'll change your mind!")

    I do, however, know enough to not be so arrogant as to assume that I do know everything. Which is one of the many reasons I feel these decisions should be left up to each individual woman.

    I would do some research and give you a few examples, if you were in any way interested in actually being informed. But since you're not, I have better things to do with my time.

    I'm going to go play with my baby now. Toodles!

  11. Anonymous6:27 PM

    Ok genius. Permanent sterilization, when the procedure is performed correctly, is 100 percent effective, carries less risk and less side effects to the woman than birth control pills, is not affected by external variables such as medication interactions, loss of potency, spoiled lots, etc., and is safer than repetitive abortive procedures. If someone truly has all of the horrific problems with pregnancy, why would they want to defend ending a human life each time they had failure of birth control, as opposed to having permanent sterilization? Ending another human's life should not be arbitrarily left up to any individual - especially when there are viable options to avoid doing just that. The responsible and safe thing for jenincanada to do is permanently disable her ability to become pregnant. I'm curious, if she's still reading.....why would she not?

    and please don't spout the BS of not finding a doctor who will perform the procedure d/t age, etc. I know ten off the top of my head who will, and if you will travel far and wide to find someone to kill your fetus, why wouldn't you travel far and wide to find someone to do a BTL and avoid the complication in the first place?

  12. Would you mind doing a quick PSA and listing the contact info for those doctors? It would be great to have that info, for any woman looking for that procedure or at least looking for more info on it.


  13. Anonymous7:30 PM

    Underwhelmingly predictable pro abortion strategem (ignoring facts).

    Here, I'll use another one of yours.....if I thought you were in the least bit interested in listening to what I have to say, I'd give you that contact info....but since you're not, I have better things to do with my time.

    I'm going to go clean my cat's litter box. Toodles!

  14. Um... I asked for information. How is that "ignoring facts"?

    Your experience and mine differs. You say it's easy to find a doctor who will perform this procedure, I said the opposite. You say you know "at least ten off the top of my head" of these doctors, so I asked you to give their contact info. I want to ask them their rates, and what insurance plans they accept -- I want to get more information about permanent sterilization. I want to get more FACTS. You refuse to give them to me.


    (I'm glad you're taking care of that litter box, though. It was starting to stink... I just didn't want to be the one to say something about it.)

  15. Anonymous11:42 PM

    What? Are you going to have a BTL? I gave you facts about permanent sterilization and you asked me for easily obtainable information. You chose to ignore the facts and the rationale for someone like jenincanada to opt for permanent sterilization in order to continue your defense for the elective termination of the life of a human. The discussion was about someone who finds pregnancy horrific and life threatening. Did she want a BTL an was unable to obtain one? Did she have the procedure and it failed?

    Saying I was going to clean the litter box was sarcastic witticism meant to point out that scooping shit is more worthwhile than trying to persuade you with facts.

    Geez......am I going to have to explain myself like this all of the time? I think I'll just go back to my original assertion. You're an idiot.