Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Anonymous

I wrote a post Saturday morning, and shortly afterward I received an email notification that you had left a comment.

I was busy over the weekend, with family who'd come in from out of town to see MonkeyBoy. I've also been having computer issues, so my online time has been limited to phone time (Saturday's post and this one are via phone; right now I'm phone posting from bed, while nursing a half-sleeping MonkeyBoy, because this is how most of my time at home is spent). I love my Blackberry, but it's a pain to post blog comments on it; I prefer to do that at the full-out computer.

That's part of the reason why it's Thursday morning, and I have still not responded to your comments. The main reason is that I hadn't eve read them until a few minutes ago.

I was purposefully avoiding reading your comments because I knew you would only say something vapid and inane. Smething petty and pointless. Something I had already heard plenty of times before. But, most importantly, something I had already responded to plenty of times before.

This gets old, Anonymous. Really.

The purpose of blog comments is to have discussion, debate. When you come in, all you do is call names and parrot talking points. BOOORING!

And useless.

So I'm disabling anonymous comments from now on. I'm done repeating myself. You don't add anything to this blog, at least not when you're hiding behind "Anonymous." Maybe, if you're made to sign a name (any name! No one says it has to be you full name! Or even YOUR name! Call yourself The Baby Crusader, or something, um, "clever" like that) to your pettiness, you may put some thought into it. Imagine that! Wouldn't that be nice...

I used to have the time to bang my head against walls like you. Not anymore, sadly.

Can't say you'll be missed. Sorry.

Feel free to come back, with a name (dude, it can even be a fake name, what do I care? How would I know? Just pretend!), some maturity, and something thoughtful to say.



  1. Parrot talking points? Really? That's the best you have (except for 'vapid' and 'inane' :D - you crack me up!).

  2. pssssst....when are you going to start moderating?

  3. Have you not heard me use "vapid" and "inane" before? You must be new 'round these parts. Was the No Easy Decision post your first?

    And. NO, thank you -- not turning on comment moderation. Moderating comments just sounds like too much work; not worth it.

    Besides, I'm starting to take a shine to you (see what happens when you create a profile, ANY profile? You become a person. Attitude changes).

    You're like having a pet. It's cute.

    Now that you've made it clear your purpose is to annoy (get me to restrict anonymous comments, turn on comment moderation), I don't feel the need to respond to you, since you have admitted yourself you are here to harrass, not debate. So I can ignore you, or I can engage in this meaningless banter (if I have the time). It's not so bad, really.

  4. Cool. I've kinda grown fond of you, too. I've seen 'misogynist' a lot, but not so much, 'vapid' and 'inane'. I'm not quite certain you have captured the right essence with their use.

    Point of clarification. I'm not here to purposely annoy you, but your reactions are evidentary to the fact that you can't answer the questions that I'm truly interested in hearing you answer - so for anyone looking on who may be interested in integrity, fair debate, and logical argumentation, you damage your credibility and validity (not to worry, you seem to have a choir that likes to hear you preach, leaving your psyche intact, to be sure). As I have said, the mere fact that you react by restricting is supportive of my point of view.....and anything that may cause a loss of readers for you makes me happy. My concern is for the impressionable.

    Let me be quite clear. My goal is to NOT HARM women. Yours is. You also blaspheme Jesus Christ by claiming to know the will of God is in favor of death, by supporting abortion, and by claiming to be one of Christ's followers while doing so. I don't find myself in such an untenable position before the Lord as you do, and for that I am thankful. For you, I am sorry, and since I know that the Lord will accomplish his will through his word (not my claim, but his), I hold out hope that you might reap some benefit by hearing it (his word) from time to time......because seriously - anyone who reads the bible has to be able to see that from cover to cover it's about God giving life, and the only reason anything dies - animals, humans, vegetation, etc., etc.,(right down to "clumps of cells") because of SIN. You would be well advised to leave God out of your defense of abortion.

    So, go ahead and equivocate. Go ahead and ignore me I don't even care if you make me a diminutive by calling me a 'pet'. :D I'll be around whenever you want to answer my questions, and I'll drop in from time to time to chit chat. And if you can ever get over the fact that the only barrier you have created between us is that I simply don't agree with you, we might have an interesting and honest discussion some day. As for your abortion (or anyone's, for that matter), the blood of Jesus has covered it. Hopefully, He will call you to be able to truly understand his grace.

  5. After I re-read my comment, the following occurs to me - I said your goal is to hurt women. I don't believe you are the sort that would knowingly hurt women. I really believe you think you are helping women.....but read Matthew 7:21-23 and try to apply it contextually, and remember that ignorance is not an excuse.

  6. ......and regardless of whether you pursue it knowingly, or unwittingly, hurting women ultimately becomes your goal.

  7. Criss supports Planned Parenthood and also claims to care about females and be against rape:

    Hurting women and children has now become your goal unless you come out of the darkness and into the light. Free will.

  8. JustUs, were you going to spam all my posts with your video? Because you stopped after just two...

    I meant to respond to you when I read your comments, but I read them on my phone while checking email at work, and when I got home I got busy with other stuff (like, you know, the whole baby thing...)

    I look forward to your comments, now that you are a person leaving thoughtful comments as opposed to a nameless troll saying stuff to get attention.

    I looked up the passage from Matthew, and it's ironic... that's how I feel about the "pro-life" movement. I don't know you enough to know what your personal stance is on reproductive rights -- I know you are against abortion, but don't know anything beyond that and reproductive rights is a HUGE issue involving SO MUCH MORE than abortion -- or on other issues (war, health care, etc.), so I am not referring TO YOU when I say this, but rather to the political movement: they use the words, they say God's name, but they bomb clinics and murder doctors. They slut-shame women. They blame the victim in cases of rape and assault. They vote to repeal health care. How can you be "pro-life" but deny health care to the poor? Jesus walked around healing people all the time, how can people who claim to be Christians think it's acceptable to deny health care to anyone??

    But, as they say, one can take anything in the Bible and make it apply to whatever cause they want...

    You say your goal is to not harm women. So is mine. In your view (from what I understand, correct me if I'm wrong), you want to save women from harm by saving them from making a choice you think they will regret, either in life or when they "meet their Maker."

    In my view, the way to "not harm" women is to not lie to them. I want women to have all the information they need, to have facts (not judgments -- they can make those themselves); I want them to have all the options and I want it to be up to each woman to choose what she feels is best for her. I don't want women to have an abortion -- you'd be hard-pressed to find a reproductive rights activist who wants women to actively try to conceive just so they can have an abortion, for fun -- I want women to have access to one if that's what they choose. I want women to have the resources they need to carry the pregnancy to term and raise the child if that's what they choose (which takes us back to the health care debate, among other things). I want women to have the resources they need to carry the pregnancy to term and to have the information, resources, and support they need to give the child up for adoption if that's what they choose.

    The only question I recall you asking (directly -- you as the profile Anonymous; if you asked me stuff as regular nameless anonymous I can't tell which one of those was you and which was another random troll) is about free will, and what I meant by that. I wrote that post (finally), and it'll go up in about 10 hours, noon-ish Wednesday/tomorrow/today.

    If you have more questions for me, please ask. I will do my best to answer. I enjoy debating/discussing religion, the Bible, and Christianity, as long as we have an actual discussion, and you have something worthwhile to say, not just "You're wrong because I said so and you're going to burn in Hell."