Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm sick.

This may not be a blog-worthy event for all you mere mortals, but, you see, I never get sick. It's one of my superpowers: I have an Immune System of STEEL.

I have worked hard through the years to hone this skill; babysitting since my early teens (that's how I got chicken pox as a junior in high school, watching the nursery during church choir rehearsals), then working with 1-2 year-olds in a daycare my last years of college, then straight to High School, where I was locked in a poorly-ventilated classroom day in and day out with 160 different germ carriers - and that's not even mentioning the Hallways.

As a result of this grueling conditioning, I do not get sick. Sure, every now and then I might get allergies, but that's nothing. The only time that causes a problem is when my nose is stuffed up enough that I can't get enough oxygen in my brain to replace all the air I'm expelling through talking.

But this weekend, ladies and gentlemen, I got sick. Fever-sick. Lying-in-bed-like-a-worthless-lump sick. And it was not fun.

As a result of The Sickness, I have not accomplished a fraction of an iota of what I was supposed to get done this weekend. And that has me in a less-than-happy mood.

However, I did make a remarkable discovery...

For the past few weeks, I had decided to stop drinking sodas. I figured it was healthier to not drink all that high fructose corn syrup (or aspertame, depending on my mood at the time), so I had cut them out of my diet.

And I got sick.

Last night, when I was battling The Sickness and The Sickness seemed to be winning, I asked Freddy if we had any soda in the house... we did; he shared his Diet Dr. Pepper with me.

This morning, I woke up feelingmuch better (as in, I could rise from the bed).

Are high fructose corn syrup (or aspertame) and carbonation my yellow sun?


  1. I'm pretty sure that Dr. Pepper is a cure-all. *nods to himself*

  2. I thought you got the chicken pox the week after Jenny and I both had it... or did you have it first?

  3. I got chicken pox from the Charmichael twins, and gave it to the rest of the family. You and Jenny were the first to get it from me, then JC got it, as much as Mom tried to save him from getting it.