Friday, January 30, 2009

Mea culpa...

I should have spent tonight: A) finishing the translation I should have done much earlier, or B) writing a blog post about how awesome One in 3 was. Instead, I played around with the snazzy new banner you see above.

Tomorrow Freddy and I are going to Tennessee, to visit his 96-year-old great-aunt. The plan is to write the blog post on the plane (yay, Alphasmart!) Of course, I also need to finish the squirrel story I started over the summer, and I also want to write the other story that's been swimming around in my head. Oh, yeah, and LIFE CHOICES is still patiently waiting to be read and edited.

We'll see how productive this weekend ends up being. *crosses fingers*

PS: Um... this is lame, but... Will you please follow me? I have low self-esteem, you see, and I need the external validation. If you read this blog, will you follow it? (Under the Twitter widget thingie-majig.) Thank you!


  1. you so totally did NOT have a link to follow you on your last template. If you did I didn't see it. Because I TRIED.

    I've been worlds worst blogger lately.

    But I still love you and I still read your blog!!! wooo!

  2. You're right, I didn't have the Followers showing because Marcy was the only one, and I felt it one lonely follower was too puny to display... but then I realized that people probably weren't following because I didn't have the link up!

    And you're not a bad blogger, you're a busy person. It's different.