Thursday, January 08, 2009

My Superpowers

  • Can harness the power of static electricity to shock anything and everyone -- can blow out entire PBX phone stations with a single touch! Powers become stronger in cold weather.
  • Able to manipulate the time-space continuum to make entire hours disappear as soon as she sits down at her laptop.
  • Impervious to pain during dental work (thanks to years of dental work done by bad dentists).
What are your superpowers?


  1. All software works in my presence. Even if it was broken when the user dragged me over to look at it, it works as soon as I stand within view.

    No song so bad that my voice can't make it worse.

  2. none at the moment :) perhaps focusing on the present, and getting this to-do list done!

    thank you for the comment about austin. i am shocked to hear about the farmer's market there. i don't get it. i thought a farmer's market was farmers...not people importing food!?

    i lived in dallas for awhile. eek. i did like the restaurants though.

  3. I can be sick even when there is no reason to be. It's not a handy superpower, but it is my own.