Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Man, the Myth, the Mystery

I need to ask my dad to buy me Roberto Bolaño's books on his next trip to Chile. With all the hype he's generated, AND he's my compatriota! I gotta read 'em.

(Then again, I might find out Bolaño's this big shot here in the US, but laughed at in Chile, like Isabel Allende. I enjoyed THE HOUSE OF THE SPIRITS, but the second time I read it, I realized how many problems the book has -- basic storyline/continuity issues that any editor should have caught and fixed. It makes the book come across as very amateur writing. And don't get me started on her young adult book... great idea, but could she have written it any more poorly???)

Cleaning out my GoogleReader subscriptions, I came across this article on Bolaño, about how he more than likely created this "tortured writer" persona (heroin addiction, etc.) because that's good PR for writers. So, should I start doing the same?

Should I start blogging about my struggled with addiction to Haribo Gummi Frogs? How cotton candy has ruined my teeth, and my finances? (Root canals are expensive, people!) How I struggled with co-dependent relationships with my multiple cats, and how I let them abuse me, physically and emotionally?

I shall ponder the issue. In my attic. Alone. In the rain.

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