Saturday, February 21, 2009

Adendum to "Month of Reproductive-Rights Rants"

I have made the executive decision to stop the daily posting on issues of choice and reproductive rights.

Writing about such a heated issue daily is taxing, and reading about it must be, too. Keeping up with a blog that posts daily (and my posts have not been short, as much as I've tried) can get old, and I think my readers are starting to tire. As cool as a full month of pro-choice posts sounds, I think I would do more good writing about this topic every now and then, through out the year, than cramming it all in 28 days, and beating you over the head with it day after day.

Plus, I have other stuff I want to blog about, but I can't -- I don't want to soil the "purity" of the Thing-A-Day pro-choice month, and I can't throw even more blog posts at you poor, innocent readers. So I'll write two more posts this weekend, then return to our regularly-scheduled programming. (NOT daily.)

Also, my writing time needs to go toward this dumb dissertation. Which I honestly hope to finish before I die.

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