Friday, February 13, 2009


I don't even have words.

I want to stab myself in the eye. And uterus. Just to make it STOP.

Do you know how many times I hear my students talk about "my kid"? I try to tell myself I didn't hear it. Especially not from that kid. I tell myself I misheard. Or that he's talking about his nephew, or cousin, or anything else.

The saddest part? Many of these girls are trying to get pregnant. Why? One of two reasons:

A) Because this way he'll stay with me. Because I love him so much that I want to have his baby.


B) Because they are so starved for love and attention that they decide to bring a baby into this world just so that baby will give them a child's unconditional love. They cannot get love from their parents, so they create a new person just for the purpose of receiving that person's love.


  1. Agreed! This was big news today in the UK:

    Birth control for all!

  2. Wow. Just.. wow. You know, it takes a bit more than saying you'll be a good mom or dad to actually be one. I wonder what they'll think when this new baby wakes up from the first-days daze and they have to actually deal with the crying, the lost sleep, the stress, and, well, the whole life's-totally-different-forever part of parenting.

    I feel so sad for this baby. And for his parents, who obviously had no friggin clue what they were getting themselves into.

    I'm just glad these KIDS have parents to help them take care of their baby. That's a hell of a lot more than many other KIDS in this same situation have.

  3. how do you propose that the taxpayer fronting this popular Great Society lifestyle contain her rage when observing that education and access to bc make no difference?

  4. I've been mulling this over.

    I live in Texas, where we are not allowed to teach students about birth control. By law, we are abstinence-only.

    Even when it's not a state law, I think districts (or sometimes even the coaches teaching health, who are not comfortable talking about these things) censor themselves, and do not provide the education some think the students are getting.

    And, for kids like the two in this article, they are obviously not getting the info at home.

    However, this story happened in Britain. I don't know anything about their policies on sex ed; in the article Marsha linked, one lady was quoted saying this was due to "value-less sex ed." Which leads me to believe they DO teach children about contraception in Britain. So I'm pondering.

    I have a few thoughts, but I'll write them when I get home.

    On "access to bc": how much REAL access do we have when pharmacies have policies that allow their employees to refuse to fill bc prescriptions based on "moral" grounds?

    I have the legal right to birth control, and after finding an ob/gyn in my insurance's network, making an appointment and taking time off to go, I have the legal right to go to a pharmacy and buy it, but do women -- all women -- really have true access to it?

  5. Holy crap. I cannot even believe this. I'm really starting to think that mandatory birth control is a good idea. Better yet, harvest everyone's eggs and sperm, freeze them, and then sterilize everyone so that no one can have a child without TOTALLY INTENDING TO and being financially solvent enough to do so. I'm kidding about the second part. Sort of. But I'm totally with you on mandatory birth control now, at least until 21. If you can't drink until you're 21, you shouldn't be able to reproduce, either. Although, you know, that story also has made me too scared to have kids of my own, because I'm terrified that no matter what I'll do, they'll have kids by age five. Well, a little later, but you know what I mean.

  6. Dictator Criss of the Sweet Benevolence of the Most Righteous, I humbly suggest a name for your new program: "The Fourth Reich Family Plan Final Solution".

  7. "how do you propose that the taxpayer fronting this popular Great Society lifestyle contain her rage when observing that education and access to bc make no difference?"

    You tell me. How're you feeling about all that abstinence-only education crap that we've been doing the past 8 years that been proven to not make a single difference whatsoever?

    BTW I don't know if you've done the math, but $500 every 5-10 years costs a heck of a lot less than the welfare and medicare/aid (forget which one is for low-income, sorry) costs to support that mom and child for 18 years. Hell, it's a heck of a lot less than just the cost of the BIRTH of that child. Or possibly even a SINGLE PRENATAL CHECKUP.

  8. BTW crisatunity I'd love to see the studies that show that comprehensive and accurate sex ed and access to birth control "don't work."

  9. @marcy please refer to TIA, i was. that's usually how this whole post/comment thing works.

  10. crisatunity-- I'm sorry, I don't understand your comment. What do you mean by "TIA?" I don't see any comments on this post that address what I asked in response to you, which is how I thought this whole post/comment thing works (unless I've been mistaken all these years).

  11. always google is your friend. TIA is short for today's informative article or today's interesting article (take your pick).

    My comment, like all good little comments should, referred to the TIA.

    In TIA, there is clearly not a lack of education or access to bc. Just stupidity that no amount of education or access to anything would make a difference.

    I hope that clarifies that my comment had a very specific context to the TIA and wasn't intended to take on the entire infrastructure of our society's underpinnings. Also, your netspeak vocabulary has grown by exactly two. Yeah!

  12. Thanks for the TIA and GIYF definitions. (I'm still trying to figure out how to use FTW. This makes me feel old.)

    This post was written in a fit of anger (I actually didn't read the full article I linked, because I thought my head was going to explode. I read the full text of Marsha's link, though).

    Sadly, stupidity runs rampant in this world. This does not mean we should allow them to procreate willy-nilly. Mandatory birth control would have avoided this problem, and spared all three children the ruined lives.

  13. Ah, so you're saying that one couple getting pregnant despite of good sex ed means that sex ed doesn't make a difference?

    Yes, that makes PERFECT sense! Except for all the couples who also still get pregnant despite receiving abstinence-only "education." Hmmm