Saturday, February 06, 2010 "Do you think it is healthy for teenagers to view pornography? Why or why not?"

Do you think it is healthy for teenagers to view pornography? Why or why not?

Ooh... that's a tough one.

I think we need to remove the taboo from sex and sexuality, definitely. Teenagers are having sex and doing things their parents are ashamed to even think of, so we need to talk about these things, without shame or blame or fear or judgement, and provide teenagers (and adults) with the tools they need to particiapte in that behavior safely if that is what they choose to do, and the tools to know how to decline participation if that's what they choose to do.

We need to have this information out there.

Now, as to pornography... hmm. I'm a prude at heart, really. Also, from what I understand (I have viewed pornography, I'm not going to pretend I've never seen a magazine or a movie, but I also know there is tons of stuff, and genres and styles, out there that I have not seen) "most" or much of what's out there does not send positive or healthy messages to the role of the cis female in sex (I won't try to speak for trans or intersex people since I am wholly ignorant as to how they are represented in pornography, though I am willing to wager they are seen as a source of fetishes and not treated as real people/being with sexual desires of their own).

I guess before I could say yes, it is healthy for teenagers to view pornography, we'd have to change the industry and the material. I would want to make sure that lesbianism is not portrayed as a sexual fantasy for cis het men, and that women are not perpetually in the submissive role, only there to fulfill the fantasies of the males.

I do think porn has a place and a value, since, given our puritan, prudish society, teens can't get information about sex and sexuality and "alternative lifestyles" and non-cis, non-hetero sexuality any other way.


  1. I think this is an amazing reply. I personally think feminist pornographers, eg. Tristan Taormino, portray women and their sexuality in a really positive way. If more porn were like her porn, people, including impressionable teens, might have a whole different view of what sex could really be like.

  2. I think one problem with relationships between men and women, especially sexually, is that many guys grow up getting almost all of their information about sex from watching porn. No one ever talks to them about what sex is/should be like, what women may like, how to ask them, etc. So they watch movies where women drop their panties at the snap of a finger, and come (with full-on screaming and a whole show. every time) at the drop of a hat, and then they wonder why their girlfriends don't do the same in real life.

    Porn in and of itself isn't a bad thing, but it has to exist within a context and it has to be known that most porn is a *fantasy* and that real sex often is very different.