Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Working wives are bad news for Hero Husbands

Man! Freddy is going to be so excited when I tell him I'm quitting my job so he can be a HERO.

You see, according to Dr. Laura, when women work outside the home, they lose respect for their husbands. Because the MAN is supposed to be the PROTECTOR, the HERO. And how can Freddy be a hero if I'm out there working, just like he is?

I mean, of course I have no respect for him! I see him as an equal! I see us as partners -- and anybody knows that's no way to make a marriage work.

And can you imagine what would happen to our marriage if I had a job and Freddy -- gulp! -- had to stay home with the children? What if he had to -- I can barely type the words, the thought is so unpleasant -- be a father???

I would have absolutely no respect for him! Seeing the man I love utterly devoted to our children? Feeding them, playing with them, reading to them, caring for them when they're sick? Please! WHAT WOMAN WANTS THAT???

Because, really, girls... who wants a man who does a woman's job? How demeaning.

(Thanks to TheSexist for bringing all this to my attention. Now let me quit my job so Freddy can be my HERO WARRIOR PROTECTOR. He'll LOVE that, don't you think?)


  1. Love!

    One time in a grad class, I said something about if a man moved to be near me I might think it's about time a man gave something up for a woman so she could do what she loved and stay where she was instead of the other way around. Another woman - a self-proclaimed feminist - said that I would eventually lose respect for him if that happened. Well, Tim had just moved to be nearer to me so it's an inside joke now that I've lost all respect for him because he is so spineless.

  2. What? The man who says he loves and respects you proved it by valuing your choices and doing something for you? Sheesh...

  3. Can you imagine what Dr.Laura thinks of a devoted stay-at-home mom who turned into a work-at-home mom and stopped ironing shirts or mopping the floor so that she could run her one-woman-show of a business selling empowering t-shirts to the next generation of little feminists who will most likely choose to grow up and work outside the home? I should burn...

  4. Oh my..... So one of the women in my life I respect the most owns her own business and her husband stays at home. He does other things, he's the company's tech guy, manages some of the properties, buuuuut when it comes down to it - he's a stay at home husband and yet they're two of the most in-love people I've ever met. Is it all a lie??!?!?!?!? MY WORLD IS CRUMBLING!!! [/scarcasm]

    What a load of bull. I'm laughing. Some people can be so silly!'

  5. what about this

    <a href="http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1202343/I-hate-bread-winner-says-resentful-working-mother-two.html>women not liking being breadwinner</a>