Monday, February 15, 2010

One-Track-Mind Criss

Apparently, I have a one-track mind. I can either be a prolific blogger, or a hard-working writer... but I can't handle both at the same time.

Since I have to get my novel DONE (because it needs to END and escape it's work-in-progress status), I'm thinking of taking a leave of absence from le blogue. Sort of. That way I can focus on the novel without feeling guilty about neglecting the bloggy.

I may take some time off the whole Internetz thing, for Lent. (Don't worry, I'll still hang out here on Sundays -- I grew up Catholic, so I can Lent-cheat on Sundays.) So this will be less time on Twitter, less time blogging, less of all that stuff. For 40 days.

(Can I do it? Watch, I'll be back tomorrow, writing three posts before lunchtime. Meh.)

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