Saturday, March 21, 2009

Even more reasons why I hate the Catholic Church

Please understand that when I talk about the Catholic Church, I am referring to the leaders in the church. The people who choose to excommunicate doctors who had to make an unpleasant move in order to save a girl's life, but have not a word to say about the rapist who caused the situation.

Then the Pope goes and does something like this:

Feminist Daily News 3/18/2009: Vatican Defends Pope's Remarks on Condoms and the AIDS Crisis

And the idiots around him support him.
Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi defended Benedict’s remarks by saying the pope was "maintaining the position of his predecessors," that abstinence until marriage and fidelity within marriage are the best ways to curb the AIDS crisis, according to Reuters. International backlash has ensued.
Uh, Mr. Lombardi, obviously "abstinence until marriage and fidelity within marriage" are NOT "the best ways to curb the AIDS crisis" BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT WORKING.

Condoms, on the other hand, DO work. Please allow people to use them.

(Yes, I know I'm three days late on this news. STILL.)


  1. I found the pope's statement so appalling. How can he be so out-of-touch with reality? I remember Zach telling me once how he talked with some of his female, Catholic friends, how they went to church and practiced the religion but when it came to contraception their stance was clear-- they weren't gonna let some old dude in Rome tell them what they could do with their bodies. It's a shame all the harm statements like the pope (and coming from someone with his power) will cause (or in the least, allow to happen).

  2. Anonymous8:14 AM

    If you yourself are not catholic, why do you even care what the pope has to say. Haters! is what you are. Obviously you do not understand or comprehend Catholism and it's teachings.

  3. Anonymous,
    I do understand and comprehend (simultaneously in conjunction, oddly enough, as they are synonyms) the Catholic Church. I grew up in it; as an adult, I have chosen to no longer follow the Catholic Church, because of the flaws I see in its teaching and leadership.

    The Pope is an extremely influential figure for so many people, which is why I care what he says. Especially when he spreads lies and misinformation, that have such a huge potential to harm the people who trust and follow him.

    If the Pope wants to encourage abstinence and/or monogamy, then I'll support him. But I will speak up against him when he blatantly lies to his people. That is not the way a leader should behave, especially a religious leader.

  4. Anonymous10:11 AM

    another anonmous,
    the pope chose to have faith in the potential of man. He believes in life not screwing like pigs in the mud. He believes in the sangtiny of the creation of life. He believes in the human soul and the ability to comprehend more than the natural.

  5. The Pope needs to step outside his gilded castle and realize that man is not living up to his potential. He needs to look at the reality, not the utopia.

    Also, HIV/AIDS and other STIs are transmitted through sexual contact -- any sexual contact, not just "screwing like pigs in the mud." People who are in love can pass on STIs same as anyone else. Life was never as simple or as black and white as the Pope or you would like it to be. It's muddy, it's complicated.

    I believe in "the human soul and the ability to comprehend more than the natural" too; I also believe in comprehending the natural and using condoms because of it. I strongly believe in the sanctity of the creation of life, which is why I advocate so strongly for birth control.

  6. Anonymous7:50 AM

    I hate catholisism. It's an archaic sexist and heartily discriminating religion and its core believes are based on ignorance and fear. FVCK the pope and his stupid dress and all his ass kissing lackies behind him. Embrace common sense over brainless mutterings.

  7. Anonymous11:03 PM

    The cathlic faith is one of the biggest lies ever told,made up doctrine,idol worship,and child molesters,hey,u know a tree by the fruit it bares.I wouldn't eat any fruit fallin from the cathilic. Tree.€he pope gives himself more glory than christ himself did,and by the way the whole papalsy is a joke.The rock that God would build his church on was christ,not Peter ya cukes,and the supposed unbroken chain of popes since Christ's death is a lie,the first self ego mad pope didn't surface for another 500 years,think alittle and turn from this lie and quit your idal worship

  8. Anonymous10:53 AM

    My husband has decided that he may turn back to the catholic church. Before we were married, he was baptised at the church I attend now (he was also baptised as a baby at the catholic church), he claimed to be of the same faith as I. He knew then where I stood with catholic doctrine, he knew I would not go and be married by a catholic priest. Now he does nothing to read anything but books by catholic authors and believes every word he reads. I did not hate catholic doctrine before but I can say I do now. I can't say I hate catholics because if he decides to be 100% catholic (even though I know he will have to divorce me in order to do this), I love him. I did the day I married him and declaired my vows before God and will until the day I die. I wish it were the same with him but his readings as declaired me as a "fundamentalist" and a hater of catholics. I agree, the catholic history is that of lies, cover-ups, power, and control. They twist everything to their view point, even Scripture. I have never seen anything as evil in my entire life as this doctrine.

  9. interesting topic. i agree with your point of views. please continue what you are doing. thanks for the post.

  10. Anonymous1:29 PM

    I find it interesting that people who hate the catholic church are guilty of exactly what they claim the church is. Ignorance, intolerance, and making broad assumptions.
    Have there been Catholic priests who molested chidren? Yes. Have there been protestants, Jews, and Muslims who did the same? Yup!
    Catholics believe that certain things are forbidden by God. Homosexuality, pre-marital sex, etc. If you do not believe as they do, does that give you the right to hate them for it? And guess what, Muslims and Jews believe exactly the same things but aren't as openly hated for it. Hehe, Homosexuality in some Muslim countries is punishable by STONING! Where's the Allah Hates Gays banners?
    Abstinence and marital fidelity ARE the best way to avoid AIDs! The Catholic Church, and almost all religions, do not deal in convenient solutions. "God commands you to not have sex before marriage, but if you do disobey God's law...choose Trojan For Her Pleasure Condoms?" Come on!
    I believe most hate of the Catholic Church comes from a childish need to punish and destroy anything that stands in the way of our modern "everything is OK" mentality. Dissent in the United States, against anything, is encouraged. But there is difference between dissent and hate.
    I find it funny that NAMBLA can get the ACLU to defend it, but the Church can't.
    I find it odd that we let parents refuse life saving medical procedures for their children and it is protected as "religious freedom" but the Pope advises abstinence and he's evil.

  11. I find it interesting that the people with the least intelligent and constructive things to say in blog comments choose to do it anonymously.

    Nothing in my post is ignorant and I do not make assumptions. I may be "intolerant," because intolerance and stupidity bother me and I do not tolerate them.

    You obviously have issues and resentment that go way beyond the scope of this short post. Did I mention anything about priests molesting children? Let me re-read the post, just in case... um, NO. Did I mention anything about homosexuality? Let me re-read again... um, NO AGAIN.

    I also missed the part in my post where I said that the Muslim religion was so much, like, way better than the Catholic religion. I do not live in a predominantly Muslim country, so I'm not going to spout off on issues I'm ignorant about. When the people making hurtful and discriminatory laws in the US are predominantly Muslim, then I'll probably have a few things to say about them. In the meantime, I'll rant against the current religious group in power.

    And, in the meantime, can you stick to the issue at hand? It would help.

    "The Catholic Church, and almost all religions, do not deal in convenient solutions."

    Really? Is that in the Bible? God went out of his way to find the most inconvenient solutions to the world's problems? Jesus's teaching center around inconvenience?

    Silly me, I thought they centered around loving one another, as He has loved us.

    Maybe I should go remind the Pope about that part of the Bible?

    The Pope is a hugely influential figure for millions of Catholics, many of whom are poor and uneducated. He could help them, by encouraging women, who are not liberated enough to deny their husbands sex, to use birth control. This will cut down on the amount of disease being spread and the number of unwanted children being born, especially to families that cannot afford them. Instead, the Pope make grand declarations repeating the same old, tired words that we know DO NOT WORK, condemning these people to continue living in these cruel conditions.

    Do other religious leaders do the same? I don't know, because they're not broadcast all over the news. Do the Jews have a figure who plays the same role for them that the Pope does for Catholics? If so, please let me know if this person is doing the same stuff the Pope is, and I will call him out on it too. Same for Muslim leaders.

    When those religions have as many followers as the Catholic Church, and when their leaders have as much power as the Pope does, then I'm sure I'll be writing about them, and I'll be as nasty as I was to the Pope.

  12. Christian Jones3:48 PM

    "Anonymous" Speaks!

    Maybe I should have been more clear. I was commenting on the general tone of the posts, not specifically the original.

    But I will clarify my positions. The original title of the post was "Even more reasons why I hate the Catholic Church". Hmmm, hate? Not sure why I would over-react to that statement?

    I'm a republican. I disagree with most things the Democrats believe in. But I would never say I "hate" them. They have a point of view, one I do not share. But they are just as entitled to it as I am mine. That is the nature of tolerance and understanding.
    The Catholic Church has beliefs, very strong beliefs. Why does that make them evil, wrong, or worthy of "hate"? Thankfully, I live in the United States, where neither the Church or the Church haters make the rules.

    Now to the original post specifically. Abstinence and fidelity are the best way to curb AIDs. Barring blood transfer and unusual circumstances AID's is transmitted through sexual contact. Avoid sexual contact, and you can almost completely avoid the risk of AIDs. Where is the Pope, and the Vatican, wrong? Oh, that's right, that's unrealistic. It may be true that it's unrealistic, but it still is more reliable then condoms for avoiding STD's and pregnancy.

    Doctors tell us to avoid the common cold we should wash our hands frequently. Some people don't, and even the hand washers get sick at times. Does mean the Doctors are wrong for suggesting it?

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, including the Pope. I doubt he would spend time writing how much he "hates" you for suggesting condoms.
    Please disagree with the Pope, I do in most things actually. But I will defend his right to have his opinion as vehemently as I would defend yours. I don't think either you or the Pope are "Evil". Shame you don't share my tolerance.

  13. Don't you feel better showing your face? (Even though.. sigh... still no link to where you can be found. Oh, one can hope!)

    Notice is says "Even MORE reasons." Meaning I have many reasons, this post is just one of the many. Yes, "hate" is a strong word. But the leaders of the Catholic Church have hurt me in many ways, and screwed with my psyche since I was a little girl. Those actions will breed hate.

    Should I turn the other cheek? Definitely. But I am merely human, and therefore imperfect. I try to not hate, but it happens.

    You hand-washing analogy is faulty. Washing hands is the equivalent of using condoms and practicing safe sex. The equivalent of abstinence is staying home during the entirely of flu season, and ceasing all interaction with other people who may have any sort of cold or flu.

    Abstinence doesn't work if people don't do it. And guess what? Not everyone in the world is Catholic. (Not everyone having sex is having consensual sex, either, but we generally choose to sweep that under the rug, don't we?)

    The Pope telling people to not use condoms is telling the same as doctors telling people sharing soap in public restrooms spreads germs. Instead, just make sure you never touch anything or anyone. And never touch your eyes and mouth. And don't breathe air other people have breathed before.

    (By the way, you might want to brush up on your AIDS info: it's spread through bodily fluids. Sex is not the only way. And I'm not talking about blood transfusions, which are thoroughly screened now.)

    I don't think the Pope is evil, I think he is pig-headed, naive, and irresponsible. The best way for him to help God's people is to allow them to use the resources God has given us, through science. Is the Pope interested in helping those in need, or in getting his way?

    What would Jesus do, lecture, or help?

    Did Jesus tell people they should have brought their own sack lunches, or find a way to feed them?

    Why can't the Pope follow Jesus's example?

    I can be tolerant of a lot of things. But selfishness, ignorance, pig-headedness, and a complete disregard for what the Bible teaches us... well, those get on my nerves. Especially when they come from the man who is supposed to be the epitome of what the Bible teaches us.

  14. Christian Jones11:09 PM

    I want to start by saying I almost never involve myself in these debates. I find they quickly degenerate into exactly what this is. I actually agree with you on every point. Abortion, Gay Rights, Contraception, etc etc are all issues I disagree with the Church on. I jumped in because of the casual use of the word “hate”. You can’t hate people for having different opinions, that can never be tolerated. If you said you hated Jews, or Gays, or Japanese, or Blacks I would be here fighting it out with you in exactly the same way. Why as a society can you openly “hate” the Pope or the Church but not hate Blacks, or Gays, or Pitbulls for that matter without getting a speech about tolerance? It’s a double standard, it’s hypocrisy, and it’s wrong. That’s why I’m here, oddly enough, fighting to defend free speech on a Blog site!?!

    And, I know this will not be well received, but let’s look at those words you used to describe the Pope.
    Selfishness - devoted to or caring only for oneself; concerned primarily with one's own interests, benefits, welfare, etc., regardless of others.
    Ignorance - the state or fact of being ignorant; lack of knowledge, learning, information
    Pig-headedness - figuratively: stupidity obstinate; perverse; stubborn

    From my point of view, these phrases can apply equally well to your original post……..

    The way I see it, you hate the Pope because you are so convinced you are right, that he must be wrong. And if he is wrong, and speaks his opinion, he is evil for spreading false information. I despise anyone that uses this logic to demonize ANYONE.
    You could have blogged that you think the Pope is wrong. List your facts, state your point of view and moved on. Instead you want to throw words like “hate” around.
    It’s ironic that myself, and I’m sure the Pope if he were to read this, do not hate you. Because the Bible teaches to hate the sin, not the sinner. I wish you luck, and happy life. If you choose to hate, the only person you are hurting is yourself.
    Also consider this. If you had the power, if you could make it happen right now, would you forbid the Pope from speaking his opinion? If so, what does it say about you that you would forbid ANYONE from saying ANYTHING. Do you believe that you are smart enough, and infallible enough to make that choice for the world? At what point does dissent become censorship?
    If you wouldn’t forbid it, then you understand that everyone has the right to speak their mind, and not be hated for it. That's what I am here defending, not the Pope. He doesn't need my help!

  15. Anonymous6:42 AM

    It's funny just reading some of these comments...and this is a major flaw of that institution to begin with - hierarchy. The pope, for one, is one person...what he says is one person's point of view. He DOES NOT speak for the entire catholic church unless they are sheep and don't have voices of themselves. Do you consider yourself a sheep? This is the problem with the church - there is no dissention allowed in the ranks and it's a power structure where the followers almost have to adopt views sent down by thier "higher ups" or they risk rejection. Brainwashing, mind-control, power structures, fear of rejection, fear of eternal punishment for not following man-made doctrines...hmm I'll pass no thanks. Shit is too thick in here.

  16. Anonymous6:51 AM

    A lot of people truly hate (and hate is a mild word) the church because it crosses human boundaries on a soul level by not respecting individuality. Great example here...the church's control of human behavior isn't enough just thru the 10 man-made has to expand it's artificial control by sticking its nose into issues such as abortion, gay rights, etc...when and where is this control going to stop? Lastly, the church literally makes an ass out of its members too by treating them as if they don't have a mind of their own. Keep on with it and you'll wind up wondering where your ego and individuality went. Good job.

  17. david cooper2:08 PM

    Its a dirty stinking organization. The vatican should be destroyed...the Pope should be shot...

  18. I'm sorry, but Your (Chriss)'s analogy to handwashing is faulty. Abstinence is not an extreme measure, as you make it out to be. It is a proven fact, no sex means no STI's. That's simple, strait forward, and what the pope is saying. And it's not hard, as you want it to sound. I am a catholic teenager, and I am appalled that you think that you think sex is that commonplace to disregard good ideas about not obtaining STI's. The pope is trying to look out for us.
    Also, Jesus did lecture us within the Bible. The lectures were the main way he convinced us that His Way is the right one. Let the Pope do the same, to try and help believers, and maybe help show Christ's Way to those that aren't.

  19. Farva,
    No sex means no STIs. True.

    However, "abstinence" does not mean no sex. Ever heard of rape? It happens. A lot. Especially in cultures where the husband is considered to "own" the wife. He goes out and sleeps with someone else, then comes home and demands sex from his wife. And now she gets the STI her husband's mistress had.

    Life is not simple or black-and-white. People need options, because not everyone's life is exactly like yours. I'm glad you, as a teenager, are choosing to abstain from sex until later. Good for you, I hope you accomplish that goal (and that no one chooses to take that decision away from you by sexually assaulting you, as happened to close family members of mine).

    The women in Africa do not live the same life you do. They are to whom the Pope was speaking, and their situation is completely different from yours, in more ways than you or I can imagine.

    Jesus did not lecture. He spoke with the people, not at them. He lived among them, not in a gold-encrusted palace guarded by a specially-trained sentinels to keep the rabble away.

    Jesus told stories and parables. He never lectured. Go read the Bible.

    I would love nothing more than for the Pope do do what Jesus did: heal the sick, feed the hungry, live among the people.

  20. Anonymous9:34 PM

    Screw it. I hate the Catholic church because of its hard-heartedness regarding those of us who are suffering spiritually. In my case, I was pushed aside by the church after getting an undeserved royal reaming by Saint Mary's University -a small Catholic college in Minnesota. I asked the church to speak in my behalf, and they basically told me to piss off. I pissed off all right. I pissed so far away from anything resembling this monstrosity of a cult that I have had a serious crisis of faith as a result of what the school did to me and the fasct that the Catholic church told me to take a hike. My life was ruined by those so-called "Christians". I will never trust the Catholic church again. I can't afford to.

  21. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Hey Criss, I am not afraid of your calling me on.
    Email me at
    CrissIsABlindFool2010 at

    And I will go toe to toe with you, on anything you want.

    Yes, I am a Catholic, and will state this:
    Look at all the dissenters who are po'd due to an experiential thing due to a member of the Catholic Church, or a body of the Catholic Church, but NOT what and why the Catholic Church teaches what it does.
    Guess what, it is run by people. People fail. You fail, I fail. Due t that, not every Catholic is perfect, in fact far from it, and yes some awful things have been done in the past and today by LEADERS, yes this is true. HOWEVER, does this change what the church teaches? No. I would guess that you would never consider to investigate what the church does teach anyway. You would have to humbly accept that you are incorrect in your understanding on some things. Is that the kind of ego-break you are wanting to find? I don't think so.

    Do you know what the Catholic Church teaches? Or are you one of the 999 of 1000 who thinks they know, but haven't gotten a clue. Your perspective on sexuality is a perfect example. Clearly you think condoms (which have an at best success rate of about 80% rate on pregnancy, but also do not protect skin on skin infections, which are DISEASES (sorry to burst your blister, but that's what they are)) are a good thing, and you can see that distribution of countless condoms in Africa has resulted in an increased Aids epidemic (illusion of non-dangerous sex?). Your ignorance is sickening. Your worldly view is rooted in sex that is rooted in selfishness, but you might not see the empty path you are on until you are one old person who is still looking for the same high of getting laid as you used to get, while being used more and more often by others who are trying to get their rocks off. How it feels to be used - your body is a vehicle for someone else to achieve their objective. How is this compatible with love?

    Anyway, any single one of you, I challenge.

    Secondly, to the Fundamentalist, do you know where your church came from? Where your doctrines came from? What verses of the Bible your church tries to hide? What parts of history it tries to ignore? If Martin Luther can even be considered to be a patriarch of your church, in being protestant, do you think for one second that he had a symbolic view of the Eucharist as you do? Do you think he had a literal understanding of the numbers in Genesis, thereby making the world 6000 years old? Not a chance! he was a scripture scholar. It might be worthy of investigating him too. I find it most interesting, while that he rightfully so blew the whistle on corrupt Catholic Leadership, he considered himself Catholic, until he died, and even expressed deep regret for causing division in the church! This is your Church Father! So where do you get off on saying that your version of the Church is even close to being true, if it has strayed so far from Luther's, which was the original protestantism? What makes your church true, instead of the other 33,000 branches of fractured Christianity?

    Call me on my bluff - I ain't bluffing.
    Email me, and express your hate of me for challenging you to understand instead of hold a grudge like a child.

    I sincerely hope to hear from you.

  22. BWAHAHAHA!!!!


    Nice email address.

    You're so cute, with your angry rambling and high horse and all. Really, you are.

    Have a nice day. Thanks for adding to my ad revenue with your page view!

  23. Haha, poor guy, actually made a good point: the teachings of Catholicism and Catholic people are not always directly related to the Vatican and to the bishops.
    But then he went off on condoms and Martin Luhter and just... haha

    (@shrewteaz on Twitter)

  24. "Condoms are only 80% effective!!!! AT BEST!!!!"

    Um, I think that's the effectiveness rate if you wear the condom on your head instead of on your penis.

  25. I am only eleven years old. I am a catholic and i follow the church to my best abilities. I think one thing that people forget is to look at things in a way that all see. The reason why the church is against gay marrige is because God gave man sex in order to do some thing so powerful and so incredible. That is to have a child and to raise a family in the way of god. two men can not do that, nor can two women. That doesnt mean that there cant be a great love for the same sex. My best friend his name is taylor and i can say openly that i love him. if he died i would cry and i would do so very selfishly. There can be a great partner ship between "gay" people but all the church asks is that we dont get married. That is a blessing that only a man and women can share so to give berth to a child. Thats why the church doesnt want people to have sex before they are married, there is no longing for god and his teachings in that relationship. Also for people who have sex with out the want for a child, that is commiting the sin of lust. the temptationis great but we have to get through it. if you already have commited that sin there is still hope. confess your sins and god will forgive you of them. so please dont hate the church. just understand that jesus loves all and for all there is a promise of heaven. i dont know how to make an account by the way so im going to live it as anonomys

  26. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Yes... one poster said it right.... the posts (and the blog too) are made out of ignorance.

    I stand by the Pope's or the Vatican's statements. It is plain logic.

    However, what I want to comment more about about about is the statement/s the the Catholic Church should get a grip on reality. Well, it does. However, conformity to reality does not automatically mean morality -- and morality is what the Church is about. Morality is not just about adhering to whatever is going on, but how you live a life with grace from God - and this is what the Church instructs. Had morality been about conformity then Jesus would not have shunned the acts of the Pharisees and Sadducees then (hope I spelled that right). Morality getting equated to conformity is what happens when you take a loving, merciful and just God out of the equation, even if you are all for the welfare of the humankind.

  27. Anonymous2:02 PM

    I would like to start out by saying that the title of your thread "Even more reasons why I HATE the Catholic Church" really doesn't help anybody. One of the quickest ways to ensure that dialogue cannot take place is to begin from a position of hate. Please understand that the Catholic Church seeks to promote the sanctity of life for all. It seems to be contradictory to say that you support the sanctity of life and yet you strongly advocate for birth control. If you care about life, then why do you seek to stop it before it can begin? One of the most obvious outcomes of sexual intercourse is life - that is, the birth of children. True, sexual intercourse between husband and wife represents something else as well, it has a unitive aspect to it. This is part of the fundamentals of Catholic teaching. Marriage within our faith has two purposes: unitive (between the spouses) and procreative.

    I think the true ground we disagree on is the purpose and nature of sex. Sex, of course, and not to sound prudish because it's true, has taken on a more recreational sense. Birth control has been an aid in humanity's search to make sex more recreational - that is, it makes it possible to have sex with less chance of pregnancy. True, many forms of birth control (i.e. condoms) are useful in the prevention of transmitting STDs and AIDS. Even so, they still divorce sex from it's natural purpose on both fronts: their intention is to disallow procreation AND they stand in the way of man and woman giving themselves to each other completely in love and unity.

    Birth control is largely responsible for detrimental effects in society to include a declining birth rate in many European countries.

    I do think that you respect life in some way, but what you have to understand is, the Church RADICALLY respects life in all forms and in all circumstances. There is nothing partial about this.

    One last remark, you mention that Pope's statement that, "abstinence until marriage and fidelity within marriage are the best ways to curb the AIDS crisis". Your viewpoint is that this is not working. You say this doesn't work but condoms do. The fact is, that condoms are in fact available and, evidently, aren't working either in that most people would rather not use them. Above and beyond that, condoms, as with other forms of contraception, even those proven effective in blocking the transmission of STDs and AIDS, are not 100% effective. Your statement is a misrepresentation of the facts which claims that condoms will solve all.

    Please understand that I only seek to inform in this instance and not to further any disrespect or hatred of either side of the argument.

  28. "The fact is, that condoms are in fact available"

    Condoms exist, yes. Technically, they are "available." Are they accessible?

    Do people have ACCURATE information about condoms, and WHY they should use them? (Lemme answer that for you: if you're a teen in Texas, NO. If you're a Catholic listening to the Pope, NO.)

    "most people would rather not use them" -- would rather not? How about "are told condoms fail most of the time so why bother using them in the first place"? How about "are told by their religious leaders that condoms are a sin and therefore they CANNOT use them"?

    "condoms, as with other forms of contraception, even those proven effective in blocking the transmission of STDs and AIDS, are not 100% effective" -- NOTHING is 100% effective. NOT EVEN ABSTINENCE. Ask a woman who's been raped.

    "Please understand that I only seek to inform" -- feel free to inform yourself before you come back to my blog to spew inanities. Anonymously.

  29. Anonymous1:32 PM

    Screw it. I hate the Catholic church because of its hard-heartedness regarding those of us who are suffering spiritually. In my case, I was pushed aside by the church after getting an undeserved royal reaming by Saint Mary's University -a small Catholic college in Minnesota. I asked the church to speak in my behalf, and they basically told me to piss off. I pissed off all right. I pissed so far away from anything resembling this monstrosity of a cult that I have had a serious crisis of faith as a result of what the school did to me and the fasct that the Catholic church told me to take a hike. My life was ruined by those so-called "Christians". I will never trust the Catholic church again. I can't afford to.

    I'm really sorry about what happened to you. I also hope that you got through this crisis and have kept your faith. But please don't blame the Catholic Church. I don't know the whole story so I don't no whether the Church was right or wrong, but remember that the Catholic Church on Earth is made up of humans, and every human makes mistakes. And for your struggle with your faith... again I don't know the whole story... but look to God for help. There is nothing He can't save you from. Ask for help from someone. If you don't want to head back to the Catholic Church, thats ok... talk to a minister or someone. And don't fall for the stereotype Catholic... suit and tie, carrying a Bible in one hand, a Rosary in the other, throwin' out Bible verses out at you nonstop... there are some people like that, but there are also super awesome Catholics (like me). Hope it works out for you.

  30. Anonymous12:20 AM

    Hey Catholics, wake up. Your in a cult, and very few people care about your old tired arguments of "you just don't understand the Catholic Church." Do you really think it is that hard to understand? If it so misunderstood, why don't you Catholics go on a massive public awareness campaign. You certainly have the money to do so. Come on guys. Maybe we non-Catholics do understand it and it is you Catholics who don't understand it because you are institutionalized and live in an alternate reality. People inside the cult never realize they are in one until they find their way out. Good luck to you all and keep praying that God will reveal truth to you. And by the way, I don't want to hear, "he already has revealed his truth, and it is the Catholic Church."

  31. Peter2:32 PM

    Well done for making this argument. I whole heartedly agree. In fact I believe that most religion in general has NO USE WHATSOEVER IN MODERN SOCETY. All of the biggest faith...Catholicism, Judaism, Islam are essentially just power structures which have all ways and still do use their pretext of 'its God's will' to subjugate the people and incite hatred against anyone who is not conforming. All are incredibly hypocritical and meglamaniacal. All theocratic states have completely immoral laws (the stoning of women who do not agree to have sex with their husbands in Islamic states) and activiely encourage persecution. The one thing that religions do is encourage morals such as don't steal, don't murder etc. But frankly this is not necessary and patronising towards those who are moral. People shouldn't steal because its unethical, not because religion says so! Anyway rant over...and just for the record this is mainly against the most powerful religions, in fact I love some small religions:Quakerism and Buddhism, which practice toleration, reason, morality and pacifism in a sensible and flexible way. Such things are what society needs, not anachronistic meglamoniacal rulers which justify themselves through the will of a completely undetermined being whihch may or may not exist.

  32. I'm well over defending the Catholic Church ... I had to do a (catholic) postgraduate theology degree for the penny to finally drop and for me to realise that, at heart, the church is 'governed' by MEN who are utterly determined to perpetuate the influence, power and prestige they gained when silly Constantine established the Roman church as the 'official' religion of the Empire.
    The dysfunction thereby injected into the church persists; doggedly.
    Any one who professes real affection for the church and a GENUINE interest in the truth needs to read Geoffrey Robinson QC's new book 'The Case Of The Pope' (Penguin paperbacks) ... open up those blinkered eyes and take a long hard look at what the hierarchy DOES, moreso than what it says. And if you can't even then recognize grave dysfunction in an organisation which fundamentally disdains (if not in fact hates) women, then I'd suggest you may well need a long holiday.

  33. Student in Christ8:35 PM

    I wonder what it was that so scarred you as a child. I've lived as a Catholic my entire life. I've been taught tolerance if not always acceptance of all people. Christ teaches that love is universal, to love all. Do you call yourself a Christian? That hasn't been clear to me in all of this. Do you hate Catholics or the teachings of Christ or the original Ten Commandments? I'm concerned that you attack my faith in this manner if you call yourself christian. As for contraception, it is Fundamentally non-christian. As a christian I've been taught that sex is sacred and to be used for procreation not pleasure. Sin is often the easy route while it takes strength to stand strong and turn towards Christ when so many people choose to turn away. Most christian churches teach abstinence protestant or catholic so no matter where you turn it is wrong. I guess I don't quite understand. This should be a face to face talk. I think your real feelings aren't of hate but confusion.

  34. 'Student in Christ', you're such an obviously accomplished moraliser that you could readily qualify as a cleric; even Pope perhaps ... Perhaps one day you may come to realise that the church has been feeding you 'snake oil' and other BS for years(?)

  35. Anonymous3:37 PM

    I was raised Catholic, attended Catholic School through High School - please understand that I am tired of seeing people mislead by the Church leadership and it's time the Catholic Church be exposed for what it really is - read on....

    The POPE is a DOPE - The Catholic Church has been out of date since we emerged from the dark ages ! If anyone really believes in the hoc-us pocus that the predatory perverted priests preach from the pulpit then I would guess that those that blindly follow the POPE and the teachings of the Church are desperately in need of a large does of REALITY ! Wake up and join the 21st century and become a free thinking human beings and realize that what you are hearing from the Catholic Church is 500 years outdated mid-evil bull s@#t!

    The Catholic Church has become a huge global corporation and money machine - this is a business that uses mind control to ruin less inteligent individuals and take their cash while raping their children - Fu@k you POPE !

  36. Hitler was the Pope of his time. The Germans,Poles and Lithuanians were and are all Catholics.

    The Holocaust should be called the Catholics Atrocity

  37. What part of 'being scammed' do people not understand?

  38. Wow, Criss, you are a great blogger. Thanks. Just a couple of things that are CRAZY in some of these posts: The Catholic Church has BECOME all about money. Hax10 to the 100000, you must be kidding. Christianity, which has existed since the beginning of time (if you include Judaism, which the Bible does, as do some Christians) has nothing to do with Catholicism. Every single historical sin committed for the "sake" of Jesus was done under the authority of the Catholic or the Pretestant Churches. Read more history, there have always been enclaves of believers seeking truth, hiding in Irish monasteries, caves in the desert, handing out soup at the shelter, loving their enemies, etc. etc. I just feel the need to remind anyone who doesn't know: It is possible to believe in Jesus and follow him to the best of your ability without being Catholic or Protestant. And still go see Harry Potter, get a tattoo or even believe in climate change. There are sane, informed Christians in this world. And none of us think anything of the pope nor his predecessors (quite the rogues gallery, by the way). He is not relevant.

  39. The utter and absolute hatred from this site is an example of where our society is. Not to mention the utter falsehoods about the Catholic Church. The Church has done so much good for the past 2000 years, such as feeding the poor, sheltering people from the elements, lending people money to help pay their bills. You people are disgusting and hateful.

  40. Uh, Mr. Lombardi, obviously "abstinence until marriage and fidelity within marriage" are NOT "the best ways to curb the AIDS crisis" BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT WORKING.

    It implies that they don't have a choice. Its as if that when they are faced with the desire to have sex, they have no other choice but to give in. that's no different from you accusing us to to oppress sexuality. For you to say that abstinence is "not working" implies firstly, by the impression I'm getting, is that it should not be encouraged, and it should not work. So therefore the Catholic church has no right to freely educate about the advantages and imortance of abstinence and chasity, which I advocate, as something morally superior than this sex crazed society we're living in. WOW that convinces me that free speech and liberalism is a superior ideology that I should give up my faith and follow. And Yes if you choose to have sex out of wedlock or for selfish pleasure without the intention to procreate. Yes wear a condom so you can do the same stupid act over and over again.
    Besides: The church is saying abstinence IS the Best way. NOT the ONLY WAY. The only opression I'm seeing is from you viewpoint. humans are stronger than you think, they can overcome their urges to have sex out of pleasure. If you think that we can't whistand such a menial temptation, so much for the goodness of humanism, where we're all weak to our senseless irrational drives to have sex whenever we want. and the way they talk about not using condoms is rather in regards to the consequences it bring morally, which your view point seems to advocate. SEX SEX SEX is the most important thing to do. so LETS ALL DO IT. our reasons is out of love and compassions. you're doing it out of rejection for the sake of something that does deserve sacrificing our choice and free will.
    My love for the Catholic church is coming from a a former homosexual. Where ironically being a guy and attracted to men, I found freedom in the last place on earth where you would think. The ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. THE ADVOCATE OF LIFE AND HUMAN DIGNITY. I am disgusted by the objectification of humanity based on sex and disordered affections of the flesh without any regard of its proper context, which is true love and procreation. To help us know true love and true freedom. You have sex becuase you truly love someone, but you never love someone just so you can have sex. That's the greatest truth I've learnt in the church and the greatest love I've felt in the catholic church.

  41. The Catholic church hurts people. It has hurt people in the past and the present. If it survives any longer it will hurt people in the future. The Catholic church works very hard to silence victims that have been molested by priests. I realize that the number of priests that violate children are in the minority. But does the Catholic church fire them, excommunicate, bring in law enforcement? NO! They make the victims swear to silence and move the priests to another parish.

    The Catholic church is responsible for the aids epidemic in sub Saharan Africa by with holding birth control from people that need it.

    They spread ignorance and inhibit knowledge. I hate the Catholic church with every fiber of my being.

  42. *YAWNS*

    Little Miss Muffet sat on a tuffet, hating and huffing and puffing like the little bitch she is.

    *YAWNS some more*