Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday morning...

  • Spring Break is here! Oddly, I'm quite busy this morning. Not relaxing. Also, rather full week ahead -- we need to clear out all the carp in the house, so the dudes can replace the tile and redo the carpet/flooring (from the broken water pipe). We own massive amounts of carp. This will be quite a challenge.
  • Our first wedding anniversary is tomorrow!!! One year. Lots of stuff has happened in that year... Looking forward to all the stuff yet to come in the many, many years ahead.
  • Everyone else has commented on it, so I might as well: I love it when "serious" networks/shows/news anchors get their panties in a bunch over something The Daily Show said about them, and start calling out Jon Stewart on his journalistic integrity. "Oh, well, on your show, you do such-and-such." "Yes, but my show is on Comedy Central. I am a joke, but I admit it." And the saddest part? The Daily Show and Jon Stewart, as a general rule, have much more journalistic integrity than the real news networks. *sigh*
  • I have not seen Watchmen (yet), but can we please stop talking about the blue penis? We we this upset when Mystique pranced around the screen with her blue boobs and blue butt all exposed in the X-Men movies? Don't make me rant about this; it won't be pretty.
  • Had an interesting chat last night. One of my Chilean cousins IMed me on Facebook, and we talked for a LONG TIME. She was about 4 years old when we left Chile to come here, so it always freaks me out to see photos of these "baby" cousins now, as adults. But guess what we talked about? One of us mentioned the weather/temperature, so we talked about global warming, and how the US is the guiltiest party, and how President Obama is working to reverse some of the problems... and she said, "I like him. The only problem is the abortion thing." What's a girl to do? I thought I was restrained and polite; I presented all my points. I didn't win her over to the Dark Side, but we did agree that birth control is the more relevant issue and that women need access to it (and that this is what the President is doing).
  • This morning I'm picking up a wedding cake from Kathy's Icing on the Cake in Arlington. Why? Because they rock: instead of having to save the top layer of your wedding cake (to freeze and have on your first anniversary), they MAKE YOU A NEW TOP LAYER, for free, for you to have on your first anniversary. How awesome is that? And the cake is heavenly, too.


  1. The Us has certainly not helped the cause much yet. But I also remember a friend of mine who was working for the Environmental Protection Agency mentioning how we make this big deal about the US being so polluted, and then you look at a world map that shows black spots for where the most polluted places are, and the US has a few specs and China is, like, entirely black.

    So while the US has a lot of work to do and is certainly behind many other countries, we're also not exactly alone in the blame game.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Criss! Have a great day, and enjoy your Spring Break.

  3. I can't believe it's been a year already! Happy anniversary

  4. BTW, sorry, I'm an ass... HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!! That's really cool that the cake place will make you a new cake top. =)

  5. Thank you, everyone! :D

    It feels like it's been longer than a year -- but in a good way!

    Marcy (re: global warming), maybe we're not the worst, but we have the means to do so much better than we have been. And we also have the responsibility to do better, because the US touts itself as the "Leader of the Free World" and all that other "We are better than every other country" stuff. (OK, maybe it's not THAT bad, but still.) If we're going to call ourselves a leader, we need to act like one.