Sunday, March 01, 2009

WAG: The Sky Is The Limit

This is my first post for the Writing Adventure Group, created by Nixy Valentine and some other awesome writer ladies. Expect to see one of these posts about once a week...

Of course I would leave this to the last minute, which happens to be a day when the temperature is in the 30-40s.

I took a photo of the sky Thursday, at sunset, when the sky was all different colors and this one cloud looked like an oil painting. And when it was warm outside. But I didn't have time to sit down and write, so this photo doesn't count.

Today, it's cold. (I hate cold.) And windy. But at least it's sunny. The sky is a full blue, not a wimpy pale blue but a full, rich blue. And it's fully blue, without a single cloud in the way. You can see a sliver of the moon (not enough to photograph, though). Depending on the kind of person you are, it's either a clipped toenail God forgot to pick up after giving Himself a pedi, or, if you look a little more closely, you can see it's just the Moon, in profile, sneaking out in the daytime to see what we're up to. You can see its eye and nose. First I thought it was laughing, but now I think it has its lips pursed. We must be upsetting it.

Maybe it's annoyed by the dogs barking next door. They sound like yippy dogs. I'd be annoyed too.

So that's the sky.

The sky itself looks boring today, all plain and cloudless. It's a pretty shade (and if I knew more about shades, I'd tell you which shade of blue it is. I know enough to know it's not royal blue, and I really wouldn't call it cyan. And that's a printer-ink color anyway, not very nature-y. I'd like to say it's cerulean, because I like the way the word sounds and I want to use it, but I have no idea what color cerulean is. A shade of blue, but that's it. Maybe when I go back inside to my Internetz-ed laptop I'll Google it.)

(Sorry, had to scroll up to see where I'd been before I went off on that tangent.)

The sky itself is boring, but when it's the background to the greens and browns of the trees out here, it works nicely.

The sound of the water fountain helps, too. I'm not one of those who's into artificial ambient recordings, but when it's actual water trickling, yes, it's soothing. If you made me listen to a recording of this at work or elsewhere, I'd probably go batty after a while.
Then again, the ambient recording wouldn't have the yippy dogs in the background, would it?

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  1. I like this post. =) Looking forward to more WAG contributions.

  2. This is such a cool idea - I followed the link over to the writing group and I love it! You did a beautiful job, and I think that, even if I hadn't seen the photos, I would've pictured the sky exactly as it was.

    By the way, the first photo of the clouds is amazing.

  3. Fantastic! Too bad you didn't have time for the first photo... that would have been a challenge (at least for me) to describe in concrete detail and bring out all the colours and life of it.

    I'll be posting everyone's links tomorrow as well as instructions for next week. I do hope you'll participate again! And for your readers: All are welcome to join.

  4. I love it! I'll trade you my sky for yours!

  5. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I love the first picture, and you did a great job of capturing the clarity of that beautiful blue sky. I think I'd describe it as azure blue, but cerulian works since it actually covers quite a range of blues, including that one :)

  6. God's toenail clipping...terrific!