Monday, March 23, 2009

Solution to the AIG Bonuses Problem

I say we pull a Brewster's Millions on these guys. They want their bonuses? Let them have them. But -- they have to spend the bonus within a week. And they can't own any new stuff at the end of that week. Same rules as in the movie, except these guys will be allowed to donate the money to a charity if they so choose.

Isn't that "trickle-down economics"? Give money to the rich, so they spend it and help the economy? Then make them spend it!!!

If they do not succeed in spending all the bonus money in a week, then they have to pay the 90% tax, on the full amount. If they don't want to take the Republican approach and "trickle it down," then we take the Democratic approach, and tax it. Everybody wins, really.

Wanna make it even better? Make a reality TV show out of it. People can track each exec's progress on the website each one will set up (and pay for). They can vote on ways for these guys to spend the money. or which charities should get the money. Really, my plan is brilliant.