Thursday, March 05, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for:
  • a fixed hot-water pipe, and an insurance company that's gladly agreed to pay for (most of the) repairs and restorations without hassle and headache
  • a healing Indiana Jones (*crossing fingers that he'll come home this weekend*)
  • a loving Freddy who understands everything and takes care of me, even if sometimes he worries a little too much
  • books and the time to read them
  • the magic of the Internetz, which connects me to writers and agents and editors, oh my! so I can lurk and learn


  1. Anonymous1:12 AM

    Let's talk about grammatical errors I have found here, and very poor writing by many english professors. Conceit and arrogance is not pretty and that is what slams doors in faces.

    As far as teachers/ students: Educate yourself on ADD, And the entire autism spectrum, teachers. What many interpret as refusal to follow directions or 'laziness', could be a symptom of a developmental or other disorder.. I have worked with people afflicted with this, and it is becoming epidemic on the college level, so expect to see more of this until awareness becomes more apparent.

  2. Can anyone explain to me what this person is talking about?

    And, seriously, I dare anyone to find grammatical errors on my blog. Yes, an arrogant and conceited thing to say, but I'm saying it anyway.

  3. Um, I could be wrong, because isn't it "conceit and arrogance ARE not pretty, and THOSE ARE what slams doors in faces?"

  4. After I calmed down (I do not take insults to my grammar lightly), I realized English must not be this person's native language. The issue is addressed in its own post...