Sunday, January 03, 2010

Day 3: 6wS: Welcome home! To a broken car...

I was going to blog today. I really was. About something good.

But the car kinda sorta took the wind out of my sails. Which is why I'm, once again, blogging via phone instead of using my beautiful laptop, to which I now once again have access since I am back home.

My dad offered to drive me back from Austin, since Freddy had left the week before with the car (and the laptop). So today, I said my good-byes and we departed around elevenish. We arrived in Ft. Worth, at Mom-in-law's, at four, as per The Plan; Freddy joined us shortly thereafter, in the then-functioning Stormy the Saturn ION.

She was still functioning when Freddy had to move her to the other side of the driveway. She was still functioning when Freddy followed my dad and me to the motel where my dad was spending the night before returning to Austin tomorrow morning (for some reason he doesn't like to stay at our house. I can't imagine why -- we have a futon and four cats. What more could one possibly want??)

When it was time for Freddy and me to return to our humble abode (and visit the aforementioned cats, whom I hadn't seen in over a week), Stormy decided to turn on an obscure, unknown, and secret (yes, all three) passive anti-theft device she possesses, which prevented us, her rightful and loving owners, from igniting the engine.

We could turn on the lights, the radio, pretty much any non-motorizing feature of the car. The engine? Nope.

After a lovely albeit bumpy ride in a tow truck, Freddy, Stormy, and I are back home. These events have put a damper on things, to say the least, which is why I shan't blog tonight. Tune it tomorrow when we return to our regularly scheduled programming. Hopefully from a full-sized keyboard.

UPDATE: This morning, after dropping me off at work, Freddy tried the ignition one more time, and this time it worked. He drove it to the dealer just to make sure everything was okay... turns out it was $350-not okay. And it took about four hours to figure all of that out. Meh.

At least the car works again [*crosses fingers*] and we have a shiny new battery. Merry Christmas!


  1. At least you know your car won't likely ever get stolen... =(

  2. Dunno... now that I think of it, the tow truck driver didn't ask for ID or anything before towing the car to our house... Hmm...