Friday, January 29, 2010

A Few Questions I'd Like To Ask Pam Tebow

As many of you are aware, Focus on the Family will air an ad during the Super Bowl (whose "network [CBS], which used to forbid "advocacy" advertising, agreed to air Focus on the Family's spot, which is valued at $2.5 million to $3 million"), where Pam Tebow, mother of demigod football player Tim Tebow, talks of her decision to carry her pregnancy to term, against her doctor's recommendations. According to The Christian Post
The 30-second commercial, which features football star Tim Tebow, will present the former Florida quarterback’s personal story and will also feature Tebow’s mother, who refused to have an abortion while she was pregnant with him despite having suffered from a life-threatening infection.
(Don't you love how Ms. Tebow doesn't even get a name? She's just "Tebow's mother." As if she were, I don't know, a mere object, a tool to birth sports stars... instead of a full person on to herself.)

I think it's great that Ms. Tebow is being given this chance to tell her story. In honor of the event, Criss Writes... interviewed Ms. Tebow* about the ad.

*Editor's note: Due to the fact that Criss Writes... is not an actual news entity, and that Criss L. Cox, owner, manager, and editor-in-chief of, does not have $2-$3 million to request a real interview with Ms. Tebow, the conversation below never actually took place. But, trust me, I researched stuff and things, and I read, like articles and blog posts (what -- which ones? Well, uh... like, all of them. You know) about "Tebow's mother," and her responses have been written based on the information gathered by the journalism and fact-checking staff here at Criss Writes... 

Criss: Ms. Tebow, thank you for meeting us here in my living room. Please pardon the cats.

Pam Tebow: I love all of God's creatures, even cats.

Criss: Now, Ms. Tebow, next Sunday, February 7th, you will be talking to the American-football-watching nation during an ad that will air during the Super Bowl. Is that correct?

PT: Yes.

Criss: Sources say you will talk about your choice to carry your pregnancy to term, the pregnancy that resulted in the birth of your son, Tim, even though doctors advised you to terminate because the pregnancy was endangering your life.

PT: Yes.

Criss: Did the doctors force you to terminate the pregnancy?

PT: No.

Criss: Did they force you to undergo medical treatment you disagreed with, because they were the doctors and they knew better?

PT: No.

Criss: They gave you the facts, gave you their medical diagnosis, and allowed you to make your own decision -- exercise your right to choose, so to speak -- on what to do with your pregnancy and your body?

PT: Yes.

Criss: Thank you, Ms. Tebow. No further questions, Your Honor.

I rest my case.

(Have something to say? Here, let me help you.)

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