Friday, January 08, 2010

Day 7: Thankful Thursday

(GARGH!!! I forgot to blog yesterday!! And I had the post all written up in my head already, all I had to do was type it! But I fell asleep.)

I'm thankful for:
  • a car with a working heater
  • a working car
  • Pandora on the drives to and from work
  • Twitter, and all the amazing, powerful, and empowering women I've met there
  • those women who understand what feminism stands for and that it applies to ALL women and ALL oppressed groups
How about you, blogosphere? What are you thankful for today?*

*(Or yesterday. Whatev.)


  1. I did the same thing! kind of.. I remembered to blog when it was 11:49 and I was at least 20 minutes away from any working internet and my iPhone was about to die. I kind of made it. With titles for posts. The only thing you can do on on the iPhone without any working apps.

    I'm thankful for the perfect placement of the sun :)

  2. I totally love your last bullet point and I am thankful for the same thing each and every single day. Oh, and I'm thankful for my grandmother who instilled me with the principles in order to form my beliefs that make it so that I understand feminism and what/who it stands for.

  3. Anonymous3:42 AM

    Im just thankfull if I dont stick my size 10 1/2 foot in my mouth...

    Generaly, if I dont do that then its a goood day.