Monday, January 25, 2010 How's Freddy doing?

How's Freddy doing?
Freddy's doing quite well. He was a little ticked at the Cowboys last weekend, but he's over that now (time heals all wounds, don't you know).

He's come to terms with last weekend's loss, and today's win by the Colts cheered him up. If the 'Boys can't go to the SuperBowl, at least he can cheer for his bud's Colts.

Oh, and since our home Internet had been broken for most of the last two weeks, and I had not been chained to my laptop the way I usually am, Freddy and I were spending some nice quality time together. Too bad I fixed teh Internetz today (sort of... wireless is still broken, but I'm plugged in and therefore confined to this one corner of the house), and we're back to me sitting at the laptop while Freddy does... something else. I don't know, he's in the other room...

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